A firewall which does not need a restart after installing... Or...

Hi! (:WAV)
I do not have internet at home, so I go in some “internet point”, or “internet café”.
These PC they have are quite abandoned, no real security. I have to live with that, but I would like to find a firewall which I can install without restarting the PC, because these PC have got some kind of protection (maybe something called “disc freeze”) which at each restart deletes all what was done before…
So, I need one of these two:

  1. a “anti disc freeze”, somethink to hack this protection, so that I can install COmodo and restart…
  2. another firewall which can be somehow good and which does not need a restart…

I know that the pc can be already full of bad things, like keyloggers etc, but at least with a firewall I can avoid the worse, and hinestly, I don’t like the idea that these guys of the internet point can look at what I do. I need a way to make the PC I use invisible to the “administrator”.
I don’t know if Comodo can do this, but at least it can do something, and it can tell me (with defense+) if some program already inside the pc is doing something bad…

Well, thanks!

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I need a way to make the PC I use invisible to the "administrator".
That can not be done . You can not use public computers safely.

I would think that if you’re choosing to use a public computer, the place that owns it has the right to have full access to it, even when you are using it.

One has to remember that these computers are the property of the Internet Cafe. I would imagine that these computers are set up so no one can mess with them. And, as gordon posted, no public computer can be trusted.

What would be best in public places is too have a laptop that can connect to a wireless connection, CFP, and have TrustConnect (TrustConnect costs money though).

Well, I do not believe that the owner has got the right (at least moral one) to have full access to the computer I am using. It is like saying that the owner of the house I am renting has got the right to have full access to this house, even when I am there!
I think it is more understandable if they install some programs to prevent the use of bad program or the visiting of bad sites.
THe program they use here is Deep Freeze.
I have found a manual in the web, by some hackers, about how to bypass it. But it requires to restart the machine, which is complicated in a PC with open view (I mean, not in a private box), the owner can notice it…

Anyway, what do you suggest? I mean, apart the notebook… In this situation, with a “pubblic” pc, what is the best I can do? Anyway, even if I can’t stop the administator to look at what I am doing (I don’t do strange things, but I don’t like to be spyied), I would like to find some firewall which I can install without restarting the pc, so I will have some protection against people on the web…

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Trying to hack a public PC, even for more security, is still illegal. There is a reason Deep Freeze is installed on those PCs. If you are really so worried, IMHO, you should either get a private PC or deal with the public ones. Maybe find a more secure internet cafe. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to use those public PCs and enter personal info into them. I’ve never heard of any firewalls that don’t need a reboot on install. Reboots are needed to make sure the drivers are working properly.


You could always query the owner to see what security they have in place. If not in person there might be a phone number somewhere.

Ops… sorry… 88)
Well, ok, let’s say that I would not make modifications to the pc without agreement of the owner (which, in this village, is always present), but I have asked to all of them (in the different internet points) to install firewalls and to take care of the computers, which are realy abandoned. I must use public pc, because I have no internet at home…
So, do you think it is “illegal” if I turn the Deep Freeze off, install a firewall, use the pc, uninstall the firewall, turn the deep freeze on?
Anyway, let’s say that I will not do it, and that there are no firewalls which does not need a restart, what is the best which I can do without a restart? Does Avast need a restart? It has got a basic intertet shield, which together with the Windows Firewall could be at least something.
COuld ■■■ (the anonymizer) be helpful? Do you know it?
Bye! (:WAV)

(Hi Kyle! Glad to see you…)

I’m not sure why you want a firewall on the PC, as firewalls just protected against ingoing and outgoing connections. It can’t help you if the owner has something on the PC to spy on you…

There’s something you could do and you are entitled to that, if privace, in fact, is a right and not a privilege. And what is that? Well, you could use or make a portable version of, for example, Firefox, and place it on a pen.

One other thing you could do is deploy a virtual machine, so that you can use it on a portable USB Harddisk and then use it on the public cyber café (this last word does not sound 100% english. More like Portuguese. Anyway… :D).

That would be the only way to have privacy and use a firewall. Firewalls work at the kernel level (if I am wrong, please, correct me), hence not able to make portable versions of firewalls. It is one heck of a trouble to do it for antivirus (with active protection), even more with firewalls.

Hope it helps you somehow.

Best regards.

Yes, it would be illegal as you are basically tampering/hacking with someone elses property (computer) for your own personal gain (albeit security in this case).
Quite a few public sites I have been to have similar setups so that whatever you do is erased as soon as you log off and someone else logs in.
It is a form of local security for their network, and you must either abide by it and respect the owners’ hardware (they are allowing you to use it) or as has been suggested above, locate another site or use your own wireless laptop which you can implement whatever form of security you desire.

That’s a good idea. FF is a pretty secure browser. Just enable some strict settings on it. :-TU


and thanks for the answers…
Yes, I actually already did it, I have a pen drive, and when I sit on a pubblic pc I do what follows:

  1. Install Ccleaner, and clean all what I can clean, and then clean the registry too. All these changes will be undone at the following log in, thanks to Deep Freeze, so I don’t worry.
  2. Install Firefow, the last version
  3. install the last update of Java
  4. stop the useless and risky services and processes (often the Taskmgr is disabled on such computers, but I’ve never found the services.msc disabled)
  5. activate (if not already acitvated) the Windows firewall, deleting all the exceptions.

Lately I’ve tryied to install ■■■, the anonimizer, convinced that it could be a bit of a protection, but it makes slower the download of files.
I’ve also tried to install Avast, but it needs a restart.
I’ve tried Malwarebytes and Superantispyware, and they do not need a restart, but it is something possible only when I have to stay in that pc for many hours, because the scanning is not fast, but at least in this way I can delete some bad programs.

The idea of a firewall was mostly against the general web dangers, not especially to not be spyied by the owner. But I was curious about this possibility, something which can avoid the owner to look at what I do, without damaging his computer. Often the owner leave some very young employees, guys of 15, 16 years, which I surely don’t trust… This is the main reason of my wish to be protected against them too…

Which could be “strict sectings” on FF?

Tools > Options > e.g. Privacy/Security tabs

Enable options like not accepting cookies or remembering passwords, clearing private data, etc.

Use NoScript, Ad Block Plus and Cookie Safe extension in your portable Firefox. And about antivirus, well, you don’t need restart your pc with the excellente Avira AntiVir.

But, imagine, anywhere you go you’ll loose your time hacking the public pc. Why don’t you use a live cd?

yep noscript is the best add-ons u can get for security with FF,
but if u use some public machines, the admin is always able to see what u do and log all your session the time u used the machine.
to comeback to some FW that wouldnt need a restart after install, that would be great,
i just installed avira premium and vista64 and it doesnt request for any restart, it’s not a firewall, ok, but how many AVs dont ask for restart after install ? no that much no ?
so it prooves that u can install a security product without the need to restart and avira premium is not a bad AV, i changed kaspersky for it, kav detection was not good enough for me. and i like webguard.
avira doesnt slow my machines at all even with all activated protection, i cant say the same for kav…
is it possible to install comodo without restart? prolly the drivers installed to control the system must restart to control the all system the right way…
coders know if it’s possible to get some comodo that doesnt need reboot after install.

live cd??? You’ve got my attention. What is that?
About these addons, thanks for the third one, I was not aware of it, while I knew the first two (even if I never thought to use them till now… I will do it)

Mmm, what do you mean for “log” my sessions? About Avira, which Eduardo also told me, I thaks you both, because I am using it on my machine, but I didn’t knew it does not need a restart! I will inmediately download the last version to install it when I go in a pubblic pc! But, what is Webguard?
About a firewall which does not need a restart, I lately knew that some programs like Emule of Free Download Manager can be installed in a Pen Drive. I thought that every program need to install files in other directories beside than their own folder, so I thought it was not possible to install a program on a Pen Drive to be able to use it in any pc without having to install it every times! Do you think that I can do this with Comodo or some other firewall? For what you all have told me, it should not be possible because it needs to do something with the Kernel…
It would be great to see a portable version of comodo, less secure against expert intruders, but able to give some protection in the machines where we go for a while and where we can’t restart… (:NRD)