A file verification program.

All of Comodo’s installers are delivered with an SHA1 code, but there is no comodo program to verify these. I know you can get other programs to do this, but it would be nice if there was one from Comodo, that way we would get the program from a trusted source!

Further this program should be able to generate SHA1 (or an even more precise code) from files (not just a single file, but multiple files and folders/folder tree) at a time. That way users would be able to share files with each other knowing that the files has not been altered (if the users trust each other ;))

There are programs out there that do that (I can’t name any off-hand though). I would like this but Comodo is probably intent on other program types (but maybe this feature could be added into a current program, or one Comodo is going to develop).

All Comodo Installers are digitally signed and they can be verified without using 3rd party software.

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Ok. But it would be nice for other programs that don’t have that…