A File Encryption Tool

A file and folder encryption tool with right click context menu for encrypt, decrypt, and wipe with secure deletion from Windows Explorer would be very nice. A program that comes to mind that is not supported by vista , 7, and barely by XP is Zero Footprint Crypt (discontinued). Something along the lines of that would be great to have. One of greatest features of Zero Footprint was the ability to scramble the file name when you encrypted a file. The only other encryption program I know that does that is Kruptos 2 Professional - http://www.kruptos2.co.uk/.

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Have you looked at Comodo Disk Encryption?

many times - - - > https://forums.comodo.com/help-cde/cde-system-requirements-t77133.0.html

An encrypted container/drive is not quite the same. If that is the case then I highly recommended TrueCrypt.

Comodo could buy the existing code from Baroufasoft and tweek it and BAM !!! ;D

Comodo Crypt ;D

H3LL Yeah ;D