A few questions

First, I want to thank you for your free firewall - I used Sygate (became obsolete), ZA free, then Kerio and Sunbelt after (too many bugs in latest releases) so went to test available replacements. And for me, new 2.3 version is by far the best out there.
Have three questions, if someone can answer…

  1. Is CPF free to use in public health funds or goverment organizations, as I think this would fall into corporative use?
    2.If it is, can it be installed on a Windows 2K terminal server, which acts also as a internet router?
    3.As I develop for .NET, every time I recompile, CPF warns me that digital signature for my app is changed. Is there a way to make a rule not to check digital signature for certain applications?


tested the latest release on Win2k server terminal server application mode and router -
as soon as an application tries to connect to the net, I get a BSOD - two sequential attempts resulted in complete lockup.