A few questions on "Image Execution Control Settings"

  1. what do the options “partially limited”, “limited”, “restricted”, “untrusted” do differently?

  2. if the sandbox is turned off, do the above still work as they should?

  3. if the sandbox is turned off, does “automatically scan files in cloud” and “perform behavioural analysis in cloud” still work as it should?

  4. in the previous version I could see which file extensions were being checked for image executions, is there a similar option/group somewhere in cis 5?

  5. as per my testing: if the option “treat unrecognized files as (partially limited/limited/etc)” is turned on, then the “monitoring settings has no effect” as all unreconized files are sandboxed or have the said policy applied. Am I wrong?

I tried searching, no results. Thank you for any and all replies.

take care.

I would very much like to know this.
I know that as you move down the options there are more and more restrictions placed on the file, but what are they for each setting?

I thought this would only work with the sandbox enabled. Is this correct or not? If not then how does it work?

i only have an answer to your first question

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bump - one and final.

seriously, help … I can’t use a product if I don’t know how it works… :wink: thanks.

You sandbox files with these limitations, so logically thinking you can’t sandbox files partially limited or limited or restricted or untrusted if the sandbox is off.

Regarding your another question i am not sure but i think wasgij6 made tests in his VM for somebody else and cloud behavioral analysis worked even when Sandbox was disabled

as adonis has said i did test for someone else (https://forums.comodo.com/beta-corner-cis/a-question-t60905.0.html) and the cloud av still works because it is a part of execution control so as long as thats enabled it will work as for the cloud behavioral analysis if the sandbox is disabled this will also be disabled because the sandbox uploads the unknown files to cima to be analyzed.

well if you really want the answers you should get the answers like i had to. test it yourself and see what happens. i already answered a few of your questions