A few CIS problems I have

1 - cmdagent.exe takes about 200,000K after resuming from stand by/hibernation
2 - While scanning, cmdagent.exe uses 100% CPU
3 - Sandbox Bugs - “Programs running in Sanbox” Programs don’t show up in sandbox but Comodo says it is running in sandbox
4 - Antivirus Updates take long to download
5 - Slows down System drastically
6 - normally (not scanning), cmdagent.exe uses 50,000K while previous versions used only 10,000K and below
7 - AV false positives - Detected TuneUp Utilities updates as viruses and deleted them and program became unusable (heuristics: low)

OS: Windows XP Professional , 32-Bit

PLEASE fix, I am a big fan of CIS and want to continue using it but the memory usage and CPU usage is ridiculous. If you have any questions, please PM me or post a comment.


i think , the tuneup false positive was post every week … sick :confused: >:-D

3 - Only programs that you specifically designate to run in the Sandbox are viewable in “Programs in the Sandbox”. The Comodo Sandbox isn’t a true sandbox. It’s really a program “Limiter”. To see which programs are Sandboxed (Limited) automatically, you need to open the Log Viewer.

7 - Comodo has always had problems with TuneUp Utilities, hopefully, someday, they will get this fixed. :cry:

3 - Yes, I landed up on some malware site accidently when i was searching for an episode on torrents and Comodo popped up saying the program was running in sandbox. I clicked always run in sandbox but never saw it in programs running in sandbox. I’ll check out the logviewer, thanks for that I didn’t know.

But my main problem is the CPU and memory usage. 50,000K normally… that’s 5 times as much as the previous versions. I don’t know why it’s so heavy on XP. It was never this heavy before. I’m running CIS right now and the task manager for cmdagent.exe is 70,000K. I still like using CIS but I just want these problems to be fixed.

I uninstalled tuneup utilities since it is unusable at the moment.

When you checked the popup, you are just telling CIS not to alert you anymore and next time and it won’t “Limit” the program. This isn’t the same as specifically designating it to not run Sandboxed. Only those programs that you add through “Run a Program in the Sandbox” will show up in “Programs in the Sandbox”. It’s confusing, I know. It took me a while to understand how they have structured it. If you don’t want a program “Limited” in the future, you can add it to “My Own Safe Files”. This is where programs are added when you allow them through the popup.

Oh, I get it now. That is so confusing. There’s another problem. Make sandbox functioning easier like Sandboxie or KIS safe run. Those are simple and easy to use.

I concur. I hope they will get it more refined as they go along. We’ll just have to be patient. It is nice to have these forums around so we can help each other work through the quirks! :wink:

yes, I’m glad that COMODO is trying their best to improve. I uninstalled the Antivirus part of it and only using firewall, D+ and sandbox features. AV is too “unstable” at the moment