A few basic questions

Hi, I am totally new to Comodo firewall, but so far so good. I have a few questions, so please be patient:

  1. I tried uploading a file for analysis but it failed ( something about not being able to connect to the server)
  2. On the main page (Summary) there is a link to test security configuration that does not seem to work i.e. nothing happens
  3. Component Monitor- does this accept all connections or only safe ones? The reason I ask is because Comodo allowed gtapi.dll and GoogleInstall.dll to connect to the internet despite the fact that I have no idea what these are or why they suddenly appeared on my computer after a repair install of WinXP.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    rubi :slight_smile:

Welcome, rubi (:WAV)

A few questions for you, and perhaps some answers…

  1. What version of CPF do you have?
  2. Where is the link on the Summary page (describe, as I don’t have it on mine)


  1. This happens sometimes; glitches in the upload server. The Comodo team is in the forums, and will probably see your post. If you can provide specifics of day/time, size/type of file, that would be great.
  2. The Component Monitor validates the components that are loaded with each application that is allowed to connect. The components are not, in and of themselves, connecting to the internet; they are a part of an application (executable) that is. It’s part of CPF’s protection; if components within an allowed application change (such as through a malware, or even an update), Comodo will give you an alert (based on your frequency settings) that the “libraries” have changed.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the quick response. I am running version, and on the Sumary page underneath Computer Security Level there is a small line which says “test your security configuration”. This does not work however. But I still wonder if you could refer to the two dll’s mentioned before. A basic search on the internet didn’t return any clear results.
rubi :slight_smile:

Hi rubi

I’d also like to add that it would be wise to perform a Google search on any Component that is unknown to you. This normally reveals the answers very quickly… gtapi.dll is part of FlashGet & not so long ago GoogleInstall.dll (a known data harvester) was found bundled in Macromedia’s Shockwave 10.

The Application Monitor is for items that interact with the user directly & the Component Monitor is for those items that have no direct interaction with the user.

Thank you kail, I really appreciate the information. The funny thing is that I recently uninstalled Shockwave, ran into problems, repaired my WinXP installation and then these two dll’s appeared in the Local Settings/Temp folder. I later noticed that Comodo had added them into the Component Monitor. Two more questions:

  1. can I remove the dll’s from Component Monitor? (I’ve also deleted them from the Temp folder)
  2. I have Comodo set to Custom level. In the Network Monitor is there an ideal setting or can I accept Comodo’s default settings?

On my system this link works, it leads to a Comodo HackerGuardian site (http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/testyourfirewall.html), where you can sign up for a port scan. But after I sign up and try to login, my username and password are not accepted. :frowning:
I tried several times, the result was always the same…

  1. Yes, of course you can. If you delete something that shouldn’t have, then CFP will merely re-prompt for it anyway.

  2. Custom Level is what it must be. The other options are Block All & Allow All. You need to be careful with the rules in the Network Monitor. The rules that CFP creates are needed for normal & safe operation. The last rule (they’re ordered top to bottom) is your final block & log rule that catches all unsolicited connection attempts. Without this rule, you’re wide open. You may need to add rules to open various ports for various programs (P2P programs, etc…)… just make sure they’re above the final rule block & log rule.

PS Thanks Bubu74.

kail, thank you very very much (:CLP). I was a bit hesitant at first about using a personal firewall, but after reading a review on 46 Freeware Utilities I decided to have a go. I think it’s fantastic that the forum responds so quickly to these types of questions. As far as the Network Monitor is concerned: I have the settings as they are (no fiddling!), and I am very impressed so far with Comodo. It passed the GRC ShieldsUp test with flying colours :BNC
Again, many thanks


Cool… I’m glad you like it & no problems. Btw I think that the GUI of CFP uses the MSIE connection tab (Control Panel - Internet Connections) as means to gaining access to that link. This might be the reason that you’re failing to connect.


I’m so sorry, I completely misread your post. :-[ I think that you may need to use MSIE to access that page properly. If you did try MSIE, then please post again.