A few basic firewall questions

** How do i set the firewall to only give me a msg for “most dangerous activities” (such as memory injections, driver loads, and a healthy list of system critical features – auto starts, shell extensions, and internet settings)

actually most dangerous is probably a lot less than that

also, i dont want the firewall to disturb me if whenever I choose to open or install something by myself. i only download from good and ok sources.

it should only trouble me when there are “most dangerous” stuff

also, what happens if you are away, and dont block or unblock? does it automatically block the connection?

does this firewall fit my needs?

also for future reference, how do i uninstall everything including registry entries from this firewall?

I changed all caps title to normal case. Also removed some “shouting” non letters. Eric

You are looking for a programm that is smart and has a mind.
You will have hard times to find one like that.

You just need to make permissions for things that you want to run. And from the rest you want to be protected anyway. No matter what the first question is, you need to decide if this program is allowedor not, by using “treat as…” “remember my answer”.
I would suggest to read the manual of comodo. Then you will know if it fits your needs.

Of course “no answer” will not result in an allow. That would be funny.

i actually do still have comodo but it’s never once show any popups (probably cos ballon msg is turned off)

the settings are firewall “safe” and defense “training”

firewalls actually doesnt do anything unless you dl lots from bad sources, or you are an evil corporation that the evil ppl like to attack

something smart (only dangerous stuff) isnt that hard to find


but maybe the problem is that one is not really smart?

You should really read the manual :o
Defense in training is more worse than disabled. Because its like been disabled but making rules for the future!
Pop ups are not balloon messages. You just disabled your defense…

An antivirus has to alarm in danger.
A firewall has to alarm when connections are made (especially ingoing, best outgoing too), and keep blocked all but the necessary (usually allow just outgoing).
Defense has to give you the tool to allow what you want to run (treat as, remember), and keep blocked the rest.

Thats not much to do for you, but you are safe then. No need for a program with an own common sense :wink:

You aren’t getting any popups because training mode is creating “allow” rules for everything. It is not recommended to run training mode for any more than a few minutes, as even malware will be allowed to run.

and I’ll add to this, as clockwork pointed out, not only will malware be allowed to run, but even if you now switch your configuration back, any malware that was on your computer before will be allowed to run now as allow rules have been created for it.

can someone answer this – how do i uninstall everything including registry entries (including everything) from this firewall?


“You should really read the manual”

– if the devs had made a user-friendly piece of software with a simple 1-line overlay txt saying “use the next level highest from training becasue training means the firewall is disable and thinks your pc is safe. use if you know it’s safe.”

then we would have no problems. (you know, those text overlay you see on good sites and software =)

"as even malware will be allowed to run. "
“any malware that was on your computer before will be allowed to run now as allow rules”

– that’s ok, no worries, be happy. you peeps stress too much. Relax!

absolutely no “malware” unless you think google and facebook are malware and evil.

i jsut had avast! and found out you can’t right click and ‘exit’ like you can on Every Single App/Software, and it was also a Paiin to uninstall (so bad that there actually exisit a seperate Avast! Antivirus Uninstall Utility 19.6.4546 Download | TechSpot ). Any software with ! (“shouting”) on it and (that do those evil things aforementioned) hurts you so much more than it helps

i dont think none of us like things that (that was a faulty double negative…) make us sad and ruin our experience by making us fret and worry about everyting in the world :slight_smile:

Agree, training sounds like “specific for each role”. Which it isnt.
But whatever i use, i read the manual. That just feels right :slight_smile:

We did not panic, we tried to fit our suggestions to a wide field of possibilities.

I think, game mode button to activate trainings mode is much more worse than the name “trainings mode”…

You could try revo uninstaller for deep uninstallations in the future. Dont click before you know what you do :wink:

…i dont knw how that comment helps make the firewall better ://///////

it does help make me better but that’s just one person, the poor firewall ui problem still affects many other

can see https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/basic-guiide-to-uninstall-everything-including-registry-entries-a-t93942.0.html;msg678716#msg678716