A faster initial signature update

For me it takes about an hour for the first update to finish - makes it feel as if the update is a continuation of the installation process (because CIS isn’t “ready” to protect it’s user until all it it’s modules are in their functionally performable state). If it can get done quicker, the whole installation procedure can be done of with quickly, and CIS can be left to itself in the system tray.

I agree. Maybe the download package for CIS could be updated more often with the newest database so that a much smaller download would be required.


Initially the database was in the installer and people complained about such a large installer, so they changed it so you download the database after the install, and now people complain about the first update…

Yes, the database is huge, but you need to download it sometime! Aside from Comodo figuring out how to make the database smaller, (data compression perhaps?) there is no magic fix to this dilemma.

Maybe they should have two options for download.

  1. Download CIS with the update for the AV. Choose this if you are planning on installing CIS as a full suite.


  1. Download CIS without the database. Choose this if you are not planning on installing the AV. This way you would not need to download the database and have a huge installer.

This would not require Comodo to code two different installers. I mention this because it has been stated multiple times that this would require more time and money than it would be worth. Apparently most people install and use CIS as a full internet security suite.

Well the comodo database it’s now shrinking, let’s wait and see what happens.

Hasn’t it been shrinking for a few months now?

It started this month, and its going down at a good pace.

Currently at: 5 343 379 Definitions

I thought reducing the database size was the whole idea behind family signatures?

yes it is but it could not be efficiently implemented without Daisy, she does all of the computing work the find the perfect signature that takes care of the most malware.

She wasn’t just implemented this month…

HeffeD got a point, shrinking the database hasn’t gone like planned…

I hope it does now tho… Iam glad at least “something” is finally happening… :-TU :-TU

actually she was used for something else until this month.

Hmmm… Could have sworn she was generating family signatures… Or have we forgotten when she ran amuck?

from what I know she stopped/slowed way down on generating family signatures, they fixed her and put her up to a different task. Now she has returned to really working on the signatures.

What if Comodo downloaded signature updates, like when using a download manager such as, DownThemAll for Firefox.
Just a thought.

Also is it possible that Comodo servers are slow (not sure of correct term).

  • If I download from cnet it’s very slow compared to filehippo.

There have been wishlist posts asking for resumable downloads.