A Disk Utilities and a Advanced System Process/Services Monitoring

Hello,i came from the french section of the forum,

-A good tools for Comodo 's product line is a Disk software (Freeware!!!) for Partitionning, Formating and Resize/Rename…

-Another tools is a utilities like AnVir (A bit more simple) for windows’s System Process.See what process with what DLL and memory usage for this process.What software and services are on Autorun etc… and the possibility to kill the process or empty the memory of this process with 2 or 3 mini gauge for see use of Proc usage/Memory usage/Disk Write.And the posibility to create a hijack report like HiJackThis for submit.
Yes, a mix between Anvir and hijackthis.I think it will be a usefull tool and monitoring for the computer’s security.

Thank and sorry for my poor English (No automatic traduction/translation)

Hi Rapidon,

All these utilities do exist, they are free and working perfectly:

EASEUS Partition Manager and I think Paragon has free version as well
(there are many others)

System Processes ,… Autoruns,… DLLs etc.:
Have a look into Sysinternals and you find all and more.
Plus some good and helpful stuff is written by NirSoft

HiJackThis this or HiJackFree by EMISI Software, what else do we need
They are helpful but by themselves are not malware removal Tools anyway.

Sure you can find links to what was mentioned (if not, please tell).

What I am trying to say - that is not necessary for Comodo to develop “everything” :wink:
I think that it would be better if all huge wish list for Firewall was thoroughly reviewed and some excellent suggestions being implemented.


P.S. my personal opinion - Comodo already heavily involved in some developments that are not necessary (I see stones & sticks flying in my direction :D)


SiberLynx said:

“All these utilities do exist, they are free and working perfectly”
"What I am trying to say - that is not necessary for Comodo to develop “everything”

Yes,all this utilities do exist…like another firewall and another antivirus and another backUp tool and another system cleaner,and VPN ,etc… but Comodo has also developed all

Yes Comodo can not develop thousand of software but a system monitoring (Process,Dll’s,services,memory,etc…) is a good complement for the Comodo Security Suite for detect the problem caused by a virus. (and maybe he can be plugged to comodo security suite)
And it’s not a “very” complicated utilities to develop (Less than disk utilities)

However a very useful tool is a COMODO RESCUECD (I write yesterday about this in the french forum) (And Yes I know , another RescueCd already exists)