A different interface for Comodo Firewall users

There are a lot of Comodo Firewall users and I am one.

I miss the old interface. Not the whole interface but a part of it.

The part that I miss are as marked.

I think its not just me but Comodo Firwall users will agree, not the whole suite users.

Now you need to install the KillSwitch and open the kill switch and wait for it to load and take time to dig in and check it out :-TD

The new interface is wasting precious space

Just my opinion

Note :

The above is an old version. In Firewall, its drop to sandbox the program. And, it should be written Comodo Firewall beta not Comodo Internet Security Premium.

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    planned in the 6 version is that he looked at the red? if not then it is very sad…


Please let users choose between an “Advanced Mode” and a “Basic Mode” display


the main page is less informative than v5

I too previously mentioned that the circle & the square is not needed & the whole space can be used for more important stuffs.

This has been reported earlier many times by many usres in both usability suggestions and wishlist boards.

I really do not understand why they are doing this (killing a useful UI and replacing it with a completely dumb one)

let’s hope the Devs provide a more functional UI at least in next builds…

I strongly agree with the interface recommendations! Melih and COMODO, please consider offering two GUI’s: one for Windows 8/touch screens (ie the current CIS version 6 GUI) and another one for pre-Windows 8 computers/point-n-click (ie CIS version 5.10 GUI).

I suspect COMODO made these GUI changes to accommodate people moving to Windows 8 and touch screen interfaces. However, given the HUGE controversy/disagreement over the new Windows 8 METRO interface, I urge COMODO to reconsider their GUI decision with version 6. Please offer users a choice between the new, dumb-downed GUI or the more conventional and informational GUI from version 5.10.

We need a summary board…

You can just forget it. They’ve made this way too minimalistic interface and they just won’t change it this far into development. Which is kinda sad and stupid at the same time.

I also miss features for D+ and FW but i don’t think we’ll ever see them.

I hope they will change it or else they might lose a lot of user like myself… Also, Melih always brag about Comodo listening to their users so why they wouldn’t change it if the users asked and want a summary page like in version 5.12???

The summary one is in the widget.

The first three buttons are “view logs”, “watch activities”, and “advanced settings”.

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Well most of us don’t want to use stupid widget for the job that should be done by the main interface which is for some idiotic reason almost completelly empty and they crammed everything into widget or they dig it up inside settings for no logical reason.

Just a slightly different idea. :-La

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Sic transit gloria mundi.

CIS 5.10 was a great and professional product.

CIS 6 is made for touch toys. :frowning:

New version looks more like some fake AV/bloatware seriously!! It feels like we playing with some toy product or some gaming interface and not at all feeling professional.

thanks to OP for posting this. I had complained abt this before but ppl were so excited abt new version tht they just didnt care abt it, and some comodo “gurus” just neglected my thoughts.

I am not using comodo anymore, just because of new interface. I m missing it so much but I wish it could be better.

Sorry but I have to agree, it would have been quite easy to make a Simple and Advanced interface with the option to start with either one.

You have the Simple one, but the Advanced one does not give enough detail :frowning:

It is the same with the Alerts :frowning:

Actually you don’t need 2 interfaces as that would just complicate things further. But having at least few more info or quicker access to certain features on the main menu would certainly help.

Direct access to D+, FW and File Reputation settings from the main interface would help a lot. Because even if you set Advanced Settings to the taskbar in the CIS interface, you still have to make another 2 or 3 clicks to get to the desired specific setting of each component. And thats 2 or 3 clicks too many.

There is a fine line of making simple interface and interface thats oversimplified. And i’m sorry to say but Comodo team crossed that line and oversimplified the interface. They sacrificed a lot of functionality to make it virtually easier to use but in reality, it’s actually harder to use because you have to constantly dig through several layers of settings to make simple things like view internet bandwidth used by specific app or view unrecognized files list. And thats just fail by design.

Desktop/keyboard/mouse and tablet/touch are 2 different paradigms which have different UI needs. Trying to slap both in a single UI is a bad choice.

The question is, why do we even need stupid touch interface? For tablets that use iOS, Android or Windows RT which will not support Comodo anyway? I just don’t get their logic. If they’d be following that, then why the hell i don’t have mouse and keyboard support in Android version of Comodo!?

I agree with you. And the funniest part is that when you are on the tablet side of windows 8 ie what was known as Metro and can no more be called Metro, not only you can’t manage your security software from there but you won’t even see its alerts! To do that, you have to be on the desktop side and you know what…the vast majority of ppl will use keyboard and mouse when in desktop.