A day of disapointments

Hello to everyone and and excelent 2013!

I’ll try to explain everything so someone here can help me. I have the Comodo Internet Security in my computer as long as i can remember so when i got an Android it wasnt much of a choise to know what antivirus to instal there, so i got Comodo Mobile Security.

Right away i configure the anti-theft section activating Remote Locale, Sim Change Alerts, Sound An Alarm, Remote Device Lock and Remote Capture. Didnt see much use in Remote Device Wipe if any of the others work. I must say i never tryied any of them, so it was in ignorance that happened what i’ll tell you next.

I never thought of it again for a lot of months untill i was in the bar and a friend of mine told us that her smartphone was stolen. I took tha cue and started to show her and the rest of my friends there whay Comodo would do (or supose to do) in a situation like that.

So starting with remote locate i grab a friends phone (the same that i have as a “friend” in the comodo settings) and wrote the command and send to my phone. Then my phone got the message with the command and the pass all expose and nothing happened. Tryed a different command (with space, without space) and i still recieve what i sended from the other phone and nothing happened. After that tryed the sound the alarm, and remote capture and nothing happened. I still recieve the message on my phone (with the password exposed) but nothing happened.

And that was when i tryed the last one - The Sim Change Alert. I asked a friend sim and place it in my phone. It started to send messages and i thought ok this will work and reduce my embarassment, but the only thing it did was sending a message per second and charge them (strange cause we dont pay messages between us). Even worst this time my designated friend got 0 messages, i dont even want to know where those 30 or so messages went (± 5 bucks). Tired of seeing the money being burned away for nothing my friends ask me the Sim again and then an hilarius thing happened… When i placed my Sim it started again sending a message per second until i deactivated the Comodo and rebooted the phone.

So if my phone was stolen i might as well lay on the floor and smell the ground, that would give me a better chance to find it. :wink:

I tryed to see Demo of everything and they seem to work except Remote Capture that after “You look great today.” message it stays like that for a while and then tell me that an error has occured.

I’m from Portugal (dont know if that cares for anything) and i even had the care to place our prefix 0035 before my “CMS friend” number. I tryed Where’s My Droid cause the principle are the same and that works well.

Ok that all and thanks for everything and if anyone could help me i would be much appreciated.

Hello, Lusitanea
Welcome to the Forum.

Before any help can be provided, Comodo needs to know what phone you are using, what OS and version you are using, is there any other security software installed.

Thanks and sorry about that. I forgot to mention that.

My phone is a LG Prada 3.0 or LG P940
OS is Android 4.0.4
CMS V1.4.252863.8

Hope it helped.

Edit: I dont have any other antivirus or any kind of security and i have no other message program.

Just one more thing. I have selected hide my email adress in the settings but it still shows up.

Hi Lusitanea,
You can still see your own, but it is hidden from other members and public view. :slight_smile:

Hmmm Alraighty then! :wink:

are you using a third-party ROM?

Also no ROM. I still am clueless of whats going on…

If you guys need more information please ask so i can help you helping me. :slight_smile:

Nothing yet? Guess I have to search for another “do it all” program.

Hello Lusitanea,

I’m sorry about your problem.

First, may I check if you sent an correct command? An example for an correct command is locate#password if you want to track your location.

Second, at that point, CMS processes might be restarting, therefore it took no effect when received your sms command. Well, I have experienced some situation like that, since the processes is restarting. It takes around 1-2 minute(s) to restart complete. I think this may be the cause of your situation. To be confirmed, would you check this?

Already gave up on trying to find the right way for this to work.

Check out my suggestions above :slight_smile:

I tryed different commands so see if i was writing it wrong but i wasnt. And at first sight its not restarting the cms.


Do you use any sms manager apps such as GO SMS or sth like that?