A custom scan

Comodo should have a custom scan option to select which files and folders should be scanned in addition to the right-click scan option. this is included in Comodo Cleaning Essentials but not in CIS.

This option is already in CIS. I think you are mistaken, i have never seen a scheduled scan option in CCE since its a portable app, its only meant to clean infected computers.

Scheduled Scans

Hi bzhen0915,
Create a custom scan profile to select what files/folders get scanned.
Scan profiles.

i know that that is in the scan profiles section, but that actually saves the things that should be scanned, i can’t just select the files and folder to scan just ONCE.

Hi bzhen0915,
Ok, right click multiple files/folders. :-TU

i think he was asking other kind of custom scan and may just be a UI feature but may also be not completely needed


i also have some suggestion , maybe having scan archived scan or other scanning settings be integrated to custom profile aside from folder or files only