A couple suggestions

  1. Put email scan notification at the end of email body and not as an attachment
  2. Notification that there has been an update - see avast notification
  3. Abort connection when virus is found - see NOD32 and avast
  4. Speed up detection of virus eg Eicar test with zip files wants to start download then Comodo recognises it as a virus
  5. I think a boot time scan would also be an important function

Just to let you know that on my machine I tried all of the firewall tests and Comodo passed nearly all of them but one test it keeps on failing is the Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test. Do you have any ideas why? All the settings are set to default.

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to all the new improvements coming up

  1. Comodo are working on changing the e-mail
  2. The antivirus does display a notification - a little box in the bottom right hand corner (unless you mean when avast! speaks to alert the user)

For the others, I’m sure someone from Comodo will see this and respond.



Great suggestions, thanks.
Can you pls put your suggestions on the Wish Lists we have for each product as a Sticky note on eac product group so that they can be acted upon quicker, and do keep the feedback and requirements coming.



Remember if you think CAV is good now, just wait until future versions, by what Melih is saying, Comodo Antivirus will be based off of what the users want, feature wise. Melih please correct me if I’m wrong.

So please post what you suggest in the CAV wishlist.


Totally based on what our users want, plus Comodo innovation on top! It will be like custom made AV just for you :slight_smile: The more you contribute towards what you want in it, the more it will be customised to your wishes :slight_smile: