A couple questions

#1 How do you configure comodo firewall to act like an anti-exe?
#2 I have comodo firewall installed, sandbox enabled with hips disabled, if I were to install exe radar, how do I exclude it in comodo? or do I need to?

Actually you’ve already configured CF as an anti-exe if you set auto-sandbox to block unrecognized. Then don’t forget to check
General settings - User Interface - Show notification messages in order to get popup if unrecognized app is blocked.

It’s a good idea to run Rating Scan and make “Trusted” all unrecognized files (if they are really trustworthy) before switching to this config.

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Just forgot about Exe Radar. We are speaking about NovirusThanks, aren’t we?

It’s a great app but I don’t see any reason to run it alongside Comodo. Exe Radar will just double anti-exec functioning of Comodo.

I never installed them together but if I would I’d just install Exe Radar just after Comodo as the first one automatically whitelists all preinstalled. It must be enough. If not just run Rating Scan and make “Trusted” all files of Exe Radar if they appear.

Yes novirusthanks, well I use it to block ALL installs on the family pc since my family can very easily install crapware. With CF, if an exe is in the tvl it will allow the install correct?

Then possible solution is to enable your windows UAC at max and cover it with password, uncheck “Sandbox settings” - “Detect programs which require elevated privileges …” and " Show privilege elevation alerts for unknown programs". Maybe this will help.

Or just use ERP in silent lockdown though I would prefer to configure CF for that.

Did I make the rule correctly?

How do I set it with a password?

You would better disable the last 3 predefined rules “to run virtually” for “Unrecognized”. They are in the last picture. All the rest is OK.

It’s User Account Control settings. They are changed through the Control Panel.

I know where that is, but see no options to password protect uac

Using Comodo Internet Security as an anti-executable.

This is outdated

I wouldn’t call it outdated but a different angle involving HIPS. :wink:

I wish someone would update some of the older tutorials with the recent version of comodo. Thanks for the help

I prefer using Comodo Firewall with fully enabled D+. Now trying it without TVL and cloud.