A couple of suggestions...

I just had to reinstall my system after a disk problem. I was able to reload my saved configuration only after disbling UAC (same problam as when saving it). However, CFP kept asking me about programs already in the reloaded configuration, and I ended up with duplicate entries (isn’t this supposed to be impossible?) until I rebooted.

Based on this experience, I would suggest that

  • After the installation is finished and before the required reboot, the installer shoud ask if there’s a saved config file and offer to reload it
  • If a configuration load can’t be made effective dynamically, CFP should require a reboot as it does after installation

I am also using Vista Ultimate and Avast! with the new beta and move freely between the default configuration file for 3.0.14 and my customized settings saved from 3.0.13 (I disabled UAC permanently, which also fixed problems with several other programs). I do an “import as” of the .13 configuration once and then select the desired configuration whenever required. Had to reboot twice after installation, though, to get everything working correctly. Don’t know why yours is not working as designed. I do get asked occasionally about some of the programs already in the policies, but only if they are doing something new and not yet allowed by Defense+.

Image Execution? The file sizes probably changed a tiny bit which causes cpf to think they were changed?

I should have specified, I have disabled Defense+ (I have BOClean running) until I’m thoroughly familiar with the plain firewall part. I did that with Kerio, too, when I was under XP.