A couple of doubts about CPF? Sorry, a newbie will always be a newbie…

Hello folks,

Well as I stated before in a previous post I am a long time user of paid firewall, but just a newbie of the Comodo Firewall (and I am God ■■■■ H.A.P.P.Y. with it). But there is something that still disturbs me so I decided to ask the long time users of Comodo Firewall:

  1. Does Comodo have web content filtering ability (Block Pop-up, ActiveX, Scripts, Java Applets, Web bugs, Referrers and so on)? If yes could please tell me where to activate it?

  2. In negative case of Question 1 is this capability planned for future releases?

  3. Could you suggest me some free tools (if there are reliable paid ones you cold suggest them as well) that can complement Comodo Firewall in the way I’ve mentioned (Block Pop-up, ActiveX, Scripts, Java Applets, Web bugs, Referrers and so on)? I am really concerned of these weird aspects of the W.I.L.D. World Web.

  4. Does Comodo have a way to put all rules to the same application together under that application name? If not is this planned to future releases?

  5. When Comodo blocks port scans, NetBIOS attacks and other network threats does it report it using the small blue tip window? Can we activate it somewhere?

(:CLP) IMPORTANT: I am really AMAZED with Comodo low profile CPU and Memory usage! Great job Comodo!

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P.S.: I know that it is not polity to mention the others work, but I W.A.S a long time user of Outpost Firewall (or should I say “HOGpost” my memory FireWOW!, bye, bye…) and I was used to have this blocking capabilities and now I feel a little insecure about the mentioned threats.

To your first question, the answer is no. However, most browsersw, including IE7, Firefox, and Opera have popup blockers; both Firefox and Opera can block (or actually prevent the use of) referrers; Firefox add-ons (extensions) can block scripts, including both Java and Javascript; IE7 has pretty strong controls for ActiveX (the others, of course don’t use this at all). Maybe it’s better to use the better browsers than to leave all the protective activity to the firewall anyway.


Regarding question 1 - 3, I too advise using browser functionality to block popups etc. IMO FireFox would be better than IE, since it doesn’t use activex at all, and has the add-ons to block scripts, popups, etc.

Regarding question 4, the application monitor rules (as I look at mine) are all grouped together; not under just one (which has been mentioned in the WishList, I do believe), but all together by application. The component monitor (this is the humongo list) is alphabetical. It would seem to make sense that if there are multiple rules for the same app, it would be easier (?) to have one entry with multiple ordered rules, than have multiple entries. Perhaps not, from a security/function standpoint, but I do believe I’ve seen it listed somewhere. <Note: Yes, I found it - if it’s the same thing - in the CPF Wishlist; it is stated to be in progress.>

Regarding question 5, I’m not sure. I have not seen it do so on mine when I’ve done tests like GRC’s “Shields Up!” but I’m sitting behind a hardware firewall, so CPF better not have to block those scans!

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One extension for Firefox is “noscript”

About port-scans, CPF doesn’t produce any pop ups, but there will be some reading in the log, if you want to check it out.

The new version the 8th November will have some improvements, but i’m not sure which ones (from wishlist) they have implemented, except for multilingual support.

Hello folks,

Thank you all. I am actually using Ad Muncher with Comodo Firewall and for browser I use Avant Browser. Do you have any further suggestions?

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Also been using Avanta before i saw the light and turned to Firefox. One should be aware of that Avant is basically Internet Explorer with extra functions, it still uses the ActiveX thingie…as far as i know.

Hello folks,

Thank you again. Thank you Wingnut. I’ve already tried Firefox myself before I change to Avant. I don’t use Firefox anymore because I extensively tried to solve the ‘Long Time Usage Firefox Weird Memory Leak’ without success, so I left it. As you are a Firefox user you could answer me: Does the problem persist with new Firefox 2 release?

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P.S.: I am not a Mozilla hater! I do use Mozilla Thunderbird and I recommend it to all my friends. I think it is one of the best in its category. I just can’t cope with the mentioned Firefox problem.

For me FF2 is using less memory than FF1, but if it’s low enough for you, that’s something you have to try out by your self.