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I am writing this in hopes someone will pick up on it. I have noticed many other users as well as myself, not being able to connect to the internet after denying an OLE or connection attempt. Comodo Firewall will not release the application from it’s memory even if the application is gone. The only thing that seems a remedy to this is to do a reboot but is getting irritating even for a CPF fanatic such as me. This bug seems to defeat the purpose of having security if you must allow it to connect to the internet. Every time I decide to install a software, I grit my teeth knowing what is going to happen, I don’t want it to access the internet if I don’t trust it yet, I deny it, I can’t connect and have to reboot. Is there any word on this yet that it may get fixed in an update or something? I would like to mention that after a reboot today, I still couldn’t connect, rebooted again and it was fine. I do see this as and becoming a major secuity issue here as I myself have gotten fed up and simply allowed the connection so I didn’t have to reboot while in the middle of working on something. Thanks to anyone for an insight into this.



Hi Paul,

I know what you mean because this has happened to me before but only once. To be honest, if I install a program, I have already trusted it by the time it may want to use COM/OLE attempts, so I accept it and remember which, of course, is why it has never been an issue for me :wink: However, I agree with you that this should be rectified soon because there is really no need for that type of firewall behaviour.

I’ll quote myself from another thread, to add to Pauls “misbehaving” firewall.

It seems like CPF thinks that the program you have open/minimized/recently closed, is trying to use your browser/email program to connect to internet, even if you have clicked directly on the icon for the browser/email program. It would be ok/normal if you clicked on a link in your program, but that isn’t the case…
Any ideas someone?
Just to add a thing if it matters. Logitech Setpoint software for my mouse does make ALOT of popups.

If your Logitech mouse software “hooks” into other apps to provide additional functionality through additional mouse buttons, you should expect popups, but usually only the first time you ruin the app.

ewen :slight_smile:

I have also been troubled by CF thinking certain applications are attempting OLE hijacking: I have seen this with OpenOffice.Org (soffice.exe) which runs quietly doing nothing but listen for me to ask it to do something; with my Retrospect backup utility, even when it can be shown to be closed long since; and so on. I have posted a support ticket (KRR-440124) with many details from my Event Viewer, CJ, and Retrospect logs. So far only a generic reply.

Yes i can understand that, but it’s “too many” popups…

I’m more concerned/wondering about the other things i posted.

There is another thread about the same/a similar issue, and there seems to be more people with the same problem(s). Read that tread if you haven’t seen it. https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,3159.0/topicseen.html

Very true Aowl, and to try and exact the issue, it isn’t getting the popups that’s a bother, it’s denying them and hence denying your internet connection. Once you deny the application, it should release and allow you connect. To allow it is going against any secure connection you think you have. Another problem I have recently encountered was that I blocked all, and if i reboot, it looses my ip and I have to run ipconfig /release ipconfig/renew to get it back. I trid it three times to be sure it wasn’t a hiccup. Also on my kid’s pc, same thing, block all, reboot, then you have to repair you internet connection. While I don’t know if anyone else had this, I just threw it in but should keep to topic.



Though it is not exactly the same and if I need to open a new thread let me know, but whenever I’m working a while with my computer at a certain point my entire network connection is lost. No matter what I try I have to reboot again.

I also noticed that often in my browser (Opera) I need to press enter several times an URL’s before the page comes up.

I worked on a image in Photoshop, and then closed it. Now i want to open Thunderbird to check my mail. Hmmmm… got a popup as usual… ???

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There are other users reporting the OLE thing still. I know you can choose to not show these but what if you have something that IS malicious and it’s automatically allowed then? I wonder if this is going to be fixed? I mentioned this back in the last CPF version but it was obviously not tackled this time around. Like with Kerio or ZA, when you deny these, you can still access the internet.


I have also had there issues with previous versions, and i have mentioned it somewhere…
Have you contacted Comodo about this “bug” Paul?

You know, being in the forum so much, being a mod now, it never dawned on me, lol. I am so used to communicating on here, you know? Well, also I wanted to see how many others were having issues so they know this is a real issue, not just my pc as well but it seems quite a few are so…perhaps it’s time to throw in a support ticket then.


I was just thinking the same… never crossed my mind to throw in a support ticket… ;D
I will give you the honor… ;D

Already done. :wink:


Great! (:CLP)
Just let me know when they respond, and what they say.

This sounds like a virus that I had.
Do you have anything else going on, pop-ups complaining about a problem with your OS (anything not related to COMODO)

No, none what so ever. It started just after I installed Comodo and prior to that I did a total virusscan.

Edit - Just to be clear my reply is in response to the OP, not the possibly different issue posted above me.


Not sure if this is the same thing I opened a thread about awhile back. I think perhaps it is this same issue, just entirely different wording/viewpoint/focus on the matter. I’ll quote my other post here to confirm this bug or undesirable behavior as it may be.


I really think this may be the same thing. I was just focused on a different aspect than the disabled connection if denying the popup so it came out sounding like a different problem. The popup is usually telling me about another unrelated program trying to use such & such when I try to open such & such & it isn’t usually something I want to allow because it seems a rather nonsensical relation between the 2 apps & they already have all the rules they should need, but… to avoid a reboot I often allow the popup without creating a permanent rule. Still, a reboot is really the only proper solution as it will often times persist with these popups to the point of becoming somewhat aggravating/annoying, yet the popups are nowhere near “correct” enough to warrant applying a permanent rule.


So far, after a speedy response from the team, it is being looked into. Knowing them it won’t be long before they figure it out or have it fixed. That’s the great thing about Comodo.


Last weekend I switched form Avast to Antivir and now I don’t seem to have the connectivity problems anymore. I’ve read around on the forums that Avast Webshield was giving CPF a hard time. With Antivir I haven’t been disconnected once since installing that.