A Computer

I know Comodo specialises and concentrates on Security software, but what about hardware, a computer optimised for security. Example - Comodo computers the computer you can Trust for Security. I know it is a big ask. Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks ,

I don’t think that Comodo has to manufacture some “special computer”

Actually, re: the hardware as far as I remember there was some discussion, which strangely enough I cannot find at the moment :o ,
but I do remember for sure there was an answer by panic about some hardware solutions developed by Comodo. Let’s hope we’ll find it eventually again.

As for the idea.
In the past (very loooong ago) I PMed to Melih with the similar one, but my point was:

… Oh! I found at lease that one! Retyping is not required ;D

So my opinion is - what you’ll find below may work better & most importantly can be implemented & subsequently helping many users much faster, than manufacturing computers, if that’s what you meant


There are many out there who might be able to gather enough to buy a computer but not have enough to buy security or even have access to general help with computers. I believe access and exposure to computers are vital to the future of human race. So anyone who can't afford to have Security or a geek to help with stuff, pls PM me with your details, and we will be more than happy to provide 1 year worth of full CIS Complete and GeekBuddy at no cost!
If that is only about the Live Support – you can do more... Keep in mind [i][b]I'm pathetic actually big time(!)[/b][/i] when the matters are going towards business :) Nevertheless, What about offering more, but what potentially can bring income to your company? Recently few friends/clients asked me about the offer from Asus here in Oz land. The company were selling their dual-Quad; 8GIG Mem; 500Gig fastest (for laptop) hard drive with recovery partition; very decent (one of the latest) nVidia 1GB memory card... and so on ... Win7 x64 Home Premium preinstalled; all mem (PC & video card) are DDR3 very fast . Plus (!!!) if you buy that - the e(something)Notebook with XP Pro preinstalled ~ $AU900 dollars will be given for free!!! The whole cost was ~$AU1300 … woW! I said sure – get it - even if win7 (that I don't like) is not working we will wipe it out & make dual boot XP + Ubuntu or Mint) Eventually – win7 works more than fine. The boot time is incredible with no problems, despite many similar systems are suffering … but that is not the point

The point is:

If you can do some research / marketing / surveys of the potential users / etc. – you know better …
You can make a pretty good deal with the PC manufacture(s)
they can sell you by you request basically the PCs (hardware) with licensed win 7 preinstalled … but very important – nothing else I mean – nothing! No games ; no trial versions of AVs ; no on-line Backups with promotions; no hundreds of processes running at the startup (I got those PCs cleaned from 97!!! of those unneeded & running. That dropped now to 33-37 essentials)

Now, what you can preinstall (including the clients orders) on such clean laptops
a) the whole Comodo Suite;
b ) CTM;
c) Comodo’s backup;
d) your EasyVPN inactive but with short instruction how to make it work in case user need (order) Live Support
e) … practically any Comodo product you offer and/or user is ordering
f) … other stuff … I mean “f” as a sequential letter … nothing else … don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:

What that can deliver?

  • Definitely, no troubles for inexperienced users in terms of potential installation problems;
  • Setting up the default configuration by your choice – say, initially Clean PC or Proactive or with working Comodo’ Sandbox etc. You know now that there should not be conflicts in that area since initially no other security were in place … & all was tested before shipping

Sure, that cannot be done overnight & it may happen that my thought are not viable for the reasons you know better,
… but if that is possible in idea – there will be many happy customers
& the bug reports, considering individualities of the Hardware/Software configurations and inability by many simply explain what is going on / what was previously installed / are there leftovers / etc. /… and so on & so forth… will drop considerably, as I can see it

In addition (or rather you got it already :slight_smile: - you buy in bulk those clear systems that may cost your your company ~3 times (if not more) less (more less …what !!! ;D )
but you definitely charge for the service of installation & delivery – you definitely should have profit including potential Live Support users amongst those buyers

Basically that is some crazy idea, but who knows??? You are the one to think about it - cause usually I’m not thinking … hahaha! ;D

Hi SiberLynx. Thanks for the reply I am still trying to take that quote in. It is interesting but I think I need to read it a few more times. I kind of just thought a Comodo Branded Pc with some possible Security enhancements from the Comodo Security Techs playful minds that they could produce a Trusted product. Hope I am making sense. Thanks Kind regards.

Too I don’t think that Comodo has to manufacture some special or super computer Kind regards