A COMODO Success Story

Recently I gave a demonstration speech in college on, “How to Install COMODO Internet Security” and did it pay off.

At the end of my speech one lady, (whose computer is now protected by COMODO) explained how she had a desktop at home so infected you couldn’t even get on the Internet. I instructed her to make a Rescue Disk with the COMODO Internet Security installation that is currently on her laptop and run it on her desktop.

She ran the rescue disk and the next week told me it removed over 2,000 threats. Holly Hannah!!! That’s a lot of malware. The computer is now useable again and she couldn’t be happier.

COMODO is now her new favorite security company not only because it’s free, but because it really protects you.

comodo beats paid software in so many levels. 2,000 threats. I can’t imagine how you would get that much infections on the computer.

That is a lot of infections, you should ask (out of curiosity) how on earth did she manage to equire so many viruses, trojans etc.,?

I also have had two friends that now use Comodo, both love it. I had to set it up, but one said it’s so quiet you would never know it was montoring pc system

She said, her son used it a lot. Kids these days. :wink:

Also, I believe COMODO counts each file as an infection even if one virus caused the damaged. This means while COMODO sees 2,000 infected file locations in reality that damage could have been done by only a few pieces of malware. If that makes any sense? Regardless, that system had some serious damage caused by inadequate “default allow” anti-virus solutions.

I think I can beat that, my aunt some years ago had over 160,000 single infections, computer was barely able to boot to desktop if you gave it long enough…lol…she dumped it on my doorstep and I was expected to fix 88)

Out of curiosity I removed them all and cleaned it up, had like 12 rootkits hiding trojans, worms and viruses of one sort or another, last trojan put up a fight until I did a low level disk access and removed it without it detecting it was gone, rebooted and system was clean again, took me a few days to get it clean but was a good challenge ;D

I hope the lady had as much fun as I had cleaning computer ;D

Indeed that lady know how to collect viruses, her pc should be a malware test machine :smiley:

I don’t know how you can get up two 160,000 before you CPU becomes unbootable.

May a trojan downloaded new friends that could not start and do anything other than filling up drive space.

EricJH guessed right, hard drive was full of malware and was where most of it was, only a fraction of it was running and in memory. I only wish CCE and CIS had been around back then as would have made life easier…lol…add insult to injury after I cleaned it up they decided to buy a new computer sigh

I think the real surprise for me was not amount of malware, but the amount of rootkits, system had 12 of them all layered like an onion, one of top of the other, and each layer was running a quite a few different pieces of malware from trojans to viruses, as I removed each layer the next one got more tougher to find and remove, got to last layer and couldn’t believe I had got the last one…lol…accidentally unhooked IceSword’s driver as thought was a last rootkit then realized my mistake as soon as I did it :embarassed:

Thankfully touch wood ever since I have been using CIS I have never once had an infection, and neither have any of the computers I have installed it on, so you can consider this a success story of Comodos awesomeness ;D

What happened when you unhooked IceSword’s driver? Did you get a blue screen? What tool did you use to unhook IceSword driver?

I was using GMER at the time and used that to unhook IceSword, both have always worked quite well, lucky on this occasion nothing happened, I re-launched IceSword and it seemed okay, but have had the odd instances of using ARK’s where they have caused system to bluescreen, but is all part of the fun, that and playing with them and unhooking for fun until system comes crashing down ;D

All my fun now is from using VMware workstation now, I no longer have access to spare hardware, through, so use that for infecting and having some fun with ;D

I have been using CIS since v3, and previously used Comodo’s firewall from v2, so I’am a long time user of Comodo products, since CIS v5 have replaced my Eset Nod32 with Comodo AV, have found no real difference in terms of detection or false positives, so have faith its protecting me well :-TU

One reason for choosing Comodo’s AV over Eset’s wasn’t just cost, but annoyances when dealing with reporting malware or false positives to Eset, when you keep reporting malware and its never added or trying to get a FP fixed and nothing seems to happen you start to lose faith, which is what happened >:(

So true. I reported many FP to ESET they never fixed them! That’s a major down side with them.