A Comodo Repair link similar to HP, but Better with Update Capabilities

Would like to see Comodo produce a repair product similar to HP which besides repairing XP reinstalls all the original files and PAID crapware/ paid bloatware.

Had switched my daughters PC to CFP v2 (waiting for either the next release or the one after) Boclean, CMF etc
Then decided to update to XP SP3, I knew better, but was in a hurry and did not check; This pc has an AMD processor and most know by now the XP SP3 fiasco with HP AMD and Intel.

Finally got the Loop to stop and ran the HP repair link, Not only did the original files come back like Norton but files I had deleted like McAffee (her college requires McAffee for everyone that uses the school network) and all the PAID blloatware that comes installed.

The Comodo Repiar would be an image file that the user could run after ireplacing or installing any major files such as Security Programs of thier choice,
It would do a Full Cleanup of Temp files broken links and registry keys and XP before running. Like HP it should be stored on another drive.
When run it would leave documents photos music etc alone but only restore XP and installed programs back to that time it ran.

This would NOT be something to be run daily but only when the user replaces or installs new software, or MAJOR upgrades such as CFP 2 to 3 or Major Updates,