A Comodo popup I can do without........

With thanks again to Chiron and radagahst for all their help, CFW is functioning just fine on the 2 systems that I installed/configured it on.

When I reboot the 2 systems at the start of the day, a little popup from Comodo appears in the lower right corner of my screen just above the taskbar. The message is different every day—today it was something about “do you love Comodo --let us know”

Is there a setting somewhere in CFW that will keep the messages from appearing ?

If so, would someone please explain what/how to do ?

Go to More → Preferences, and de-select Enable Comodo Message Center.

Thank you!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

come on barebear…show some love…we LOVE our users and in return for all the hard work we do is to ask them to show their love to us…it ain’t that bad :slight_smile: