A comodo Hater

Read this link. A very unsupported opinion based off of one Security labs AV comparatives. Funny too they call him security expert.


Just see the picture attached. That the registration form they use.

Asking for Social security number :o and they call them self -security experts

Nice try - Egon Olsen gang >:-D -

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This is water under the bridge. This same small gang of self styled ‘security experts’ have been badmouthing Melih and Comodo for years.

That’s a private consumer forum for Comcast Xfinity customers (subscribers for Comcast’s home cable and internet services). That’s why they have the SS# verification because if you’re a subscriber they have your SS# anyways.

Verizon has them too for their Wireless and fios customers.

(:AGY) pip pip pip will say . Whats more ,maybe the credit card PIN number as well ;D

I dont trust my bank ;D and will never trust people who asking for any documents.

I dont like the Big Brother family & the way they handle.

In the U.S., long term services like cable or phone are in essence providing you credit. As such, they require more proof of identity than other services.

In the UK ;D there is not a need even for a ID - you have passport,driving licence or you bank card & that all you need. Conecting phone line or broadband ;D just a call & you make a order , all you need is a adress where They have to come and bank account to open a direct debit for payments. (:CLP)

The goverment was trying a couple of years ago to start with ID ,but the Volk shows a big finger to the goverment and that was :-TU

If Someone have to check you ID -for example at the post ,you just provide you bank card -a visa debit card and thats it ;D

I disagree totally Comodo stinks along with its author Melih. I wouldn't touch anything by Comodo.. In fact, Comodo didn't get a single star from av-comparatives.org If you are going to switch I'd reccomend Kaspersky, or G-data or Bitdefender. And layers are better so Malwarebytes or HitmanPro as an addition would be good too. TANSTAAFL!!

From what I understad. some of you guys can’t read these forums since you are not Comcast user. Here is what the person said.

I’m not a comcast user but it works fine for me.


Ok so you guy can read it.

That’s below the belt. Uneducated security expert more like who has no idea about what Default Deny is… He prob don’t even know what is Default Permit stands for as well and what’s the difference in the security.

Edit: Not talking about him believing in so called ‘independent labs’ I bet this guy never went to uni as he trust the source without scrutinise it. Also total bias.

Microsoft system security get the RED light - not passing the simple test by AV test and others and he is saying that the soft ;D is one of the best

Melih schould send him a box of peppermint tea to keep him calm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally agree. when I first ready it. Is thought. That sounds Biased and you only relying off of 1 source AV-comparatives which had conflict with comodo. Seems comcast has the bias as well, Cajuns post recieved kudos from anther expert, not just security expert.

You know when you played a game and thought, WOW that was nice,
and then you read someone in teh internet saying:
Total garbage!

Internet, where you are sitting next to people who you dont like,
…sometimes you can notice them :smiley:

security suites like most things in life have differing opinions.That is the nature of the beast.
It would be a very strange and boring world we lived in if we all liked the same things.
I tend to ignore opinions etc and try things for myself.
Thats the only opinion that counts. 8)

+1 :slight_smile: