A Comodo Firewall Portable

I think We Need to Develop A “Comodo Firewall” To A Portable Version Or Work without installation To work faster ;D

An interesting idea, but I am not sure it would be possible in practice.

For a firewall to do its job properly, it has to take control of the network interface at a very low level and this needs to be done at boot time.

If you wait until the OS is fully loaded before activating a firewall, you are already too late - the malware etc. will already be on the PC and can fool the firewall by offering its own network connection.

If a firewall is portable then it could only be started after the operating system had completed loading. If the O/S has completed loading, then all low level stuff (good or bad) has loaded and initialized as well.

As the other poster pointed out, it is best if a firewall is loaded in conjunction with the operating system, to provide protection at the lowest level and at the earliest oppotunity.

If it’s portable, then we are relying on the human interface to start the application. you may say “Make it start automatically”. If so, why not have it load as firewalls are intended - at the lowest level possible.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No you get me wrong i meant when you installed the Comodo firewall on other drive “other thane O/S drive”

and when you try formatting the O/S you can actually run the Comodo firewall before you installed your network or internet driver and with one click you can installed the Comodo Services

Firewalls these days are able to start very early in the boot process to be protective.