A COMODO by pass

Hi guys having a good day ;D
I just wanted to show you a video where sandbox didn’t protect enouph so here is the link:

The pass by shut the computer/virtual machine at 5:28
I hop COMODO fix this problem :slight_smile:
By the way nice antivirus :love: :BNC
So good luck (:AGL)

bypass *

Please correct it, and it’s a known issue btw
However, this is just a partial bypass, since switching to “limited” in the sandbox restriction level will be enough to block this action. Alterantively, you can activate proactive security configuration which will be also able to block the shutdown.exe from running :slight_smile:

I remember one of the developers said that this action doesn’t allow rootkit, for example, to be installed on the system, which means it could be considered as a joke, that will not be repeated by the malwre, and nothing else < speaking of the action itself.

cheers :■■■■


Yeah you are right actually in my opinion it didn’t bypass at all, all it did was just restart the computer, well this behavior may be abnormal but still you are not infected. I too tested with many AVs including comodo and I have seen this malware in action. Once installed in your system it won’t allow you to even operate your computer properly. (:WIN)

i agree it did not bypass comodo. it was running in the sandbox. so comodo prevented that malware from running in the first place. So comodo did its job there i say.