a bunch of bugs and feature requests

First of all - thanks for nice firewall! But keep developing - it is far away from perfect :wink:

Here is a couple of bugs and feature requests:

  1. main window is not resizable
  2. main window does not restore windows state (maximized) and position on screen
  3. details pane below log is not resizable
  4. keyboard navigation in grids does not work
  5. keyboard navigation does not work at all - that is I cannot control application without mouse at all!!! terrible!
  6. text in details window is not copyable (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ins does not work)
  7. network control rules - to which processes they apply? how they interact with application rules? isn’t the rule 0 too loosy?
    8 ) feature: create rule based on activity log entry data.
  8. feature: make application trusted on right click from application control rules
  9. feature: advanced events filtering

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Check the wishlist-thread…many things have been requested before! But if you request new things…don’t be afraid to post in the thread!


Ok. Thanks for suggestion!