a built in adblocker and other privacy tools?

Could we have the following?

  1. an adblocker, like the one firefox has, but doesn’t slow down speed of CD browser?

  2. options to clear out cookies, history, download, etc. (basically, have an option so that the clear browser settings options will always be executed when exiting CD browser so user don’t need to do it manually)?

Once Comodo Dragon updates the code base to Chromium 5, all of the functionality you’re asking for should be available.

Javascript disabler with pop-up blocking is desirable in addition to adblocking. Clearing the browser’s “tracks” just by shutting it off is a good idea as well. Try ctrl+shift+delete for a little relief until Chromium 5 is implemented. SRWare Iron is another option.

add the option to delete flash cookies as well from the browser

Dragon could easily be the best browser if only developers would produce the privacy ‘widgets’ that we have asked for in this forum. As an example, I am sick of pop-up ads.
How about a download accelerator, or a flash download program like Rip-Tiger??? Comodo have the skills, but they don’t want to be the best… Why not develop the existing products ?