a bug in COMODO Internet Security

hi all,
i first want to thank the COMODO team in general for their wonderful products

secondly, unfortunately i found a bug “error” in the update of the internet security pack ie, when i started an update it stopped and stacked on 30% for about 15 mins, and when i checked the latest version here i found that it is the same which i have “3.11.108364.552” and when i looked at “MISCELLANEOUS > Check For Updates” it says that “there are no updates available”

the bug is that the Update window from the SUMMARY is not knowing what to do if there are no updates available it will simply stop at a point and never continue and also i was unable to start a scan because the updates are still not finished till i edited the “scanner settings” and restarted the program

please find a solution

Welcome to the forum Crystalcube :slight_smile:

I presume you have the antivirus install as updates on the Summary screen are for the antivirus and do stay at 30% for some time for the first update (100mb+) depending on your connection to the internet.

Thank you

See FAQ here for more information

thank you guys,