A better readability of the registry

I am a little ashamed as this is a least question, a trifle, but I often deal with it.
I beg you few least changes for the registry of Comodo (“View Logs”).

For example, look at the image in Defense+ Logs, Virus Protection Software | Comodo Internet Security v6.2. I beg you:

  • date should be in local format. Here in Europe it’s dd/mm/yy. It’s very uncomfortable to deal with American format
  • a greater space between date and time
  • a maximized window as default or remembering the last manual settings of the user (with regard to size of the window, width of columns, sorting by date or name etc…)

+1. Please add a poll. Yes indeed the time format must have an option to change it to European format, or simply automatic adapt to what you have set up in Region and Language, indeed is headache for us.