A better program update system

as some security software are doing ( Avast, 360 Total Security)
will be a good idea consider to implement an auto update system also for the CIS app.

Actually when an update of CIS is released user are alerted with a pop message.
Some user are not expert and prefer to not update the software or they are not understanding what to do so the risk is that security software stay old and with System update you can have incompatibility also can be false the info that alert system are safe in the Comodo Widget.

360 Total Security made auto update also for the program.
A good idea can be alert user about the update for some time and than if is too much postponed (always refused) Comodo will auto update the program version.

Will be nice if restart of the PC can be not required, if possible. It’s not very nice have to restart the PC on every CIS update.
Maybe the update process can be improved.

I imagine will be better auto update CIS. Maybe again on new version icon on taskbar can change for alert the user about a new version who can be upgraded by opening CIS. If the user do not update after 30 days the program will do an auto update.

This has been implemented on Avast also on 360 Total Security[/b]

Ib better than show a pop and require to run a setup.

Hi peopleinside,
In last CIS release we introduced functionality, where we can update older CIS versions automatically and upon update, user will be asked for system re-start.

In almost every release there are driver side changes, considering drivers are involved and sandbox is loaded, only way is to re-start system.
If there are just executable updates, then yes, re-start is not necessary, which is rare so far.


Great, many thanks! :smiley: :-TU