A behav blocker like ThreatFire

It can be made a stand alone software or somehow integrated in CFP. There are only two standalone behav blockers so far as I Know:

Promary Response SAfe Connect( Norton Antibot)

Such type of behav blocker will be great for people who don,t want to use a classical HIPS like DfencePlus.


 I think this is a great idea!  Something with the power of D+ but with the ease of use of ThreatFire!


Errr… just for info… Defense+ is such thing…

But to the more comprehensive part, we have suggested some redisignes here https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews/redesign_of_cfp_alerts-t21345.0.html I sujest you take a look at it …



 Yes, I am aware that D+ is a HIPS but its more on the classic model (or at least that how others see it).  Threatfire is also a HIPS, and I don't really know how D+ differs from Threatfire under the hood, but I do know that they behave differently.  On the surface, it seems that D+ is more talkative and dependent on user interaction while Threatfire minimizes it and [b]SEEMS[/b] more intelligent.  In my opinion, both tools are very useful and powerful although it seems easier to use Threatfire.  

 Don't get me wrong, I like D+ the way it is right now, it [b]IS[/b] powerful, but it is also dependent on user input.  What I'm saying is it would be nice if Comodo also had another option to D+ that is more user friendly than the way D+ is now.  Like another mode for D+ that kinda emulates what Threatfire does.  Well, just a thought.  Anyway, I'll be checking the thread you pointed out.  Thanks!


Comodo is going through many enhancements to get as less pop-ups possible. I think you must have noticed the difference between the first V3 beta and now…
As everyday many files are send to Comodo, the whitelist database keeps growing and growing, also there adding even more ‘smarties’ to get less pop-ups. I’m sure that within a year Comodo will be the greatest and most quite…

Well see how it develops, only time can tell, but I have great fate in Comodo Developers, as you can see the enhancements and development they made :smiley:


Hi Rhaegar,

First of all, Defense+ is NOT “Classic” HIPS.

That was from the lead developer. After COMODO Internet Security (CIS) is launched, the other technologies that will be put into CFP 3 will be Threatcast & Sandbox, Where Threatcast gives advice based on users responses to alerts, and Sandbox where files get passed through the sandbox producing ZERO alerts, etc. So it will be the most powerful, yet quietest, “HIPS” if you like on the market!

Off course other technologies is to come, and the infrastructure to build such unique technology is in progress!

Wait and see… :slight_smile:


 Good to know!  As always, I eagerly await what COMODO has up it's sleeve for us.


Just an update that Melih posted elsewere

I like this vote as it educates people to the new concept of how current AVs work and the 21st alternative to this 20th century technology!

This thread is not about use this and not the other one but a way of educating imo and a good one to get the grey cells thinking about our security.

You know what I think… your name is not in the list, you are not coming in!!! And yes, we will make this more user friendly so that users’ simply install and forget (and let this app which has whitelisting as its first line of defense) this app. I will predict that we will have this app in 2009!