A backup utility is available for CPF 2.x with installer


thought the group community would be interested in knowing this free backup tool exists.
It has only an interaktiv keyboard based menu, but it’s small and portable.

“It keeps multiple sets of firewall rules and configurations - especially convenient when roaming different network environments, also providing quick recovery from misconfiguration, while still being easy to use for an average users backup need - by just pressing [Enter] → [Enter] for a single version backup”

It’s been checked for malware, but it would be good if Comodo and other members check it too

BackComodo2.xFW: http://be-design.110mb.com/


It's been checked for malware, [b]but it would be good if Comodo[/b] and other members check it too
I 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th this! It would seem like a good idea if Comodo would test and verify and with the developer's OK, just Get'r'done & put it in as an official download. I don't know what happened, but I had just finished updating/cleaning out/adding my 'net rules to 2.4 while I was one the drive with 2.4, decided to run a KAV scan which found zip, and after the KAV scan about 3/4 of my 2.4 net rules disappeared. If these are coded in the registry, like they say, I don't understand HitH they just disappear. I know ----- BU, BU, BU!!!!!

I was just sitting there reading this, when a flash of genius struck me…

How about this:
Maybe Comodo could just fix this long standing bug and finish v2.4, so we wouldn’t have to rely on a third party backup solution?

Does anyone know of any other security software that needs a backup utility??!

With Comodo, you have two choices. Either:
a.) Spend hours configuring v2.4 only to have it forget them later.
b.) Spend hours configuring v3.0 only to have an update erase them later.