A ? about BOClean [Solved]

HI there was curious dose BOClean play well with other mallware tools like windows defender and anti virus software. also how much disk space dose it take up. thanks all have a good night.

BoClean was made to work together with all other anti-malware software. So it should do fine, (certainly with WD). The disk space it takes I’m not sure about, but it’s certainly not much.


thanks Xan (:KWL)

I have installed BOClean on dozens of different computers without any problems. It doesn’t seem to interfere with other anti virus or anti spyware programs.

I wouldn’t trust it as my only means of defense. But it works well to augment other anti malware programs.

The program itself doesn’t take up much disk space. The program folder takes up about 787k. The signature file takes up about 1120k. All together less than 2 megabytes of hard drive space.

It doesn’t seem to eat up too many resources. I have used it on older computers running Windows 2000 and newer ones running Windows XP. I have also put it on a couple of servers.

The only problem I have had was when it was setup on a server running Microsoft Terminal services. With multiple users logged in, it opens multiple instances of BOClean. This used up too many resources on the server.

I highly recommend BOClean. It is one of my favorite tools to help keep the bad stuff off of computers.

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