999 mb/boot time scan wishes

being able to scan files larger than 999mb, like DLed movies, etc
boot time scan option like avast, as most viruses are hard to get out normally


(claps) [I didn’t know how to put a clapping-smile yet].

And thank you for the suggestion.


I would like a boot time scan also…
You don’t need to scan files over 999mb… Since when do you ever see malware that is over 999mb? lol

Yea, I realized that the 999mb+ scanning ability was not needed, from back in Melih’s post. :slight_smile:
But the boot time scan would be very nice. :wink:


In a file over 999mb…

You mean a file within a zip folder etc? it can’t do any harm inside of a zip untinll its extracted. Your saving resources and cpu time by not wasting it on scanning large files.

No. Like DLed movies over a gig with embedded malware and such.

Hmm, I would assume Comodo would scan this embbeded object if it’s under 999mb :wink:
Maybe we need some confimation from comodo…

Of course it would, just like music files. But some movie files are over a gig.

Sorry I don’t think you quite understood me, I meant that the embedded malware in the movie file would be scanned because the malware wouldn’t be over 999mb.

I still think we need confimation from comodo though. As I am just assuming that the malware would be “attached” to the movie and there for would be scanned…

Oh, I get what you mean now. Yes, I’d like to know this too. :slight_smile:

Seems to be fixed in the last beta (see screen shot) (os running, vista).
But you get a popup saying “File size larger than 1024 MB can negatively effect scanner preformance!”

Ive tested it for: Realtime, Manual and Scheduled= all Works (you can set it to whatever you like…) … screen shot attached =)

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Wow. Thanks for the heads up. :comodorocks:

i found boot time scan very useful

and also i wish to see comodo at the top of such competition of rescue disks