98 problem


Removed 4.22, Installed 4.24 release, downloaded today. All was well until I open ThunderBird.
Machine locked_up with CBOC solid blue. Hard_reboot and tried to uninstall,result was " program illegal operation". Tried both add/remove and program group, no luck. I can NOT uninstall.

OS: 98se

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That happened to my older Win98SE. I went into safe mode and uninstalled it.

NO go, But thanks for the input.


Thats really to bad serta, this is why I quit using it on my Win98 system. Looks to me they never got all the bugs out.


I just reported this topic to the Comodo staff including the developers, this way they are now aware of the bug.


Sorry to say, Win95, 98 and ME do have some issues with kernel hooking into certain programs, and can get easily upset if they get hooked at the wrong moment (something that can’t be controlled owing to the way the older DOS kernel works) … this is the reason why we came up with the “excluder for troublesome programs” years ago - by excluding programs that tend to flake out like that, the crashing can be stopped. Over the years, we’ve also used the excluder to permit BOClean to not detect certain things you want to use that are categorized as nasties, but this was the original purpose for the excluder. FWIW, I still use Win98 primarily myself and no problems with Thunderbird, but had to exclude Firefox for that reason.

Not much can be done though about Win95, 98, and ME … was enough of a struggle to justify continuing support for those as it was. BOClean is (as far as I know) the only COMODO product supporting those OS’ as it is …


Thanks for responding. I too have had rare conflicts with BOC and FF , but never with Firebird and 4.22 (luck?). They do use the same engine.

I am aware of COMODO’s attitude on legacy OS’s, thanks for trying to continue support for us legacy user’s (and PSC customer since 2001 ). My AV of choice, AntiVir is ending support this month even though their polls show 20% are still legacy user’s.

However, this does not address the uninstall issue with 4.24. Yep, this could be a fuzzed install on this box, or not ?. I will PM your forum addy for the reg key’s and do a manual removal, and may( or not )try again, or use 4.22 till you drop it.


Admin’s/ Mod’s,

Well ,after NO response about the uninstall issue, I have manually removed CBOC 4.24 and installed BOC 4.22, updated and running smooth as silk as usual.

PLEASE, lock this thread.!!


FWIW, I don’t believe this qualifies as “No response”.
If you’re interested, I’ll email you the install log from Total Uninstall that was generated on a machine of mine.
It will have to be later tonight or tomorrow as I’m tied up at the moment and I’ll need to clean some things up on it.


Thanks for offering the Total Uninstall log, but not needed. I searched the disk and got 4.24 and all it’s entrails off, reinstalled 4.22 and it’s running perfect.

The uninstall issue is the real problem. There’s nothing worse than installing a program, having a glitch,
and finding the uninstall is hosed.

Oh_well, Time to move on.

I hooked up my Win98SE Machine and installed CBOC 4.24 Nothing but trouble. Did nothing but lock up every thing.Tried to right click on the tray icon and froze up the system. Needless to say it never stayed on the machine past 5 min. (:AGY)

I’ve alerted the team that an original PSC customer has 98 problems.

Greetings all, have spent a few hours playing with my various Win95, Win98 and ME boxes at home, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with 4.24 as long as it was downloaded from either the www.nsclean.com page or the COMODO page - the install and uninstall works perfectly whether done from the COMODO programs group or the add/remove programs in control panel and thus I’m really at a loss to explain how there would have been any difficulties there at all. 4.23 had the uninstall for control panel pointing to the wrong file and so that didn’t work, but could still be removed just fine from the COMODO group in the programs listing on the start menu.

As far as any lockups go, there have been absolutely no changes to the code in 4.24 from the 4.22 version as far as Win9x goes - no changes. So it looks like what we have here unfortunately is a “last program installed gets the blame” issue. :frowning:

Now to be fair, BOClean 4.22 has been around for a while and some “security programs” do some dumb things in blocking or hosing other “unknown” software (folks are used to their firewall complaining that a program is different from what was in there but many other security programs and AV’s don’t say a word, they just block things) … I have to guess that this is the actual problem here, so for you two, the question is going to need to be finding out what you two have in common as far as AV, firewall or any other “protection” proggies … somewhere, there’s got to be a common denominator.

As I explained in a previous, Win9x is kinda flaky and BOClean has been around since before Win98. That’s why there’s still support for those in there all along. But because large portions of memory where bad things can hide are not properly protected when some programs are running, a hang is possible in the presence of other “fat” programs if Win9x decides to put it in a bad place. But for the few programs this has happened to, excluding them once all are found, usually stops that. But even still, Win9x can lose its brains every now and then as well when Win9x decides to “relocate code” … that’s the actual cause behind it and sadly, as the number of malwares increases, BOClean requires more memory itself despite our efforts to keep it as slim and trim as possible.

I won’t be around on Sunday, going to pipe on board a Naval vessel for the day but will be back to pick up on this Monday … but once again, the install/uninstall is confirmed to be working properly, and for those rare instances where something doesn’t get along with BOClean - excluding it solves the problem. What I suspect is going on here is that some AV or other “security program” needs to exclude BOClean. We went through that years ago with NOD32 and they fixed it owing to all the complaints. It’s probably something along those lines once again because BOClean has changed.

Finally, BOClean 4.22 is going to end very soon - somewhere in the vicinity of 30,000 “uniques” in the nasty count as it will run out of memory allocation somewhere past that point. And 4.24 is the SAME as 4.22 as far as Win9x systems will see it. All of the changes which remain in 4.24 were made to keep Win2000, WinXP and Vista happy. All of the code is internally compartmentalized so those changes will never be seen by Win9x when BOClean runs …

I hate to say it Kevin, but even v4.22 locked up my Win98 machine. there is no way i could right click on the tray icon. as soon as you do the icon turns blue and locks up the system. The only way to stop it is a hard shut down.When it starts up with windows it hangs and will not let win98 start.I had to go in safe mode to uninstall it. lucky for me I rarely use the that machine. It is loaded with 3dfx and used just to play games.

Bing! That means something! When one right-clicks on the traybar icon, it will turn RED, and eventually revert to green while it’s open. NEVER blue! This tells me that when you’re right clicking, something else is actually loading up or modifying the system and that’s causing BOClean to initiate a memory scan (blue) as a result. Some other program you’ve been running on there is actually halting BOClean in memory (BOClean doesn’t like that) probably by improperly trying to inject itself into BOClean and causing a system deadlock as soon as it does so (if you’re running “Teatimer” it can behave badly on Win9x boxes) … if BOClean loses track of its thread on Win9x, then deadlock will occur because the kernel itself has lost its brains. In such a situation though, a hung machine is better than an pwn3d machine. Not that this is helping you any. But the blue onto the hang is definitely ANOTHER program causing that. Only question is which? :frowning:

Trial and error shutdown of each until the culprit is discovered is the only solution though.


Thanks for checking up on us problem children. After further testing ,

  1. I can not reproduce the uninstall error( see first post screenie).I have uninstalled 4.24 successfully.

  2. I only load resident at boot, Ghost 2002, Antivir classic, BOC/CBOC, ATI Desktop control panel. I do not use a software firewall( I’m behind a router/firewall), I do not use any other security app.

  3. I had several CBOC sys tray icon load problems. I have traced to ATI DCP(Desktop control panel) from 110.exe for ATI 9250 video card 98se/me ver. .

  4. I have disabled ATI DCP and CBOC 4.24 is running perfect right now( sigh of relief ).

Hope this helps.

Glad to hear you finally sorted it … don’t mean to come off “arrogant” but I just KNEW that it wasn’t a fault in BOClean - 4.23 was a disaster because I wasn’t listened to but 4.24 fixes a lot of things that weren’t quite right even in 4.22 … it was when you mentioned the BLUE that the blinding light dawned as BOClean would never give off a blue on a right click - that instantly told me that it was sent into a memory scan on something.

Sadly ATI’s software is universally buggy … I got so tired of it with the video cards that I went to NVidea exclusively for all of our (PSC) machines a few years ago but recently acquired a very nice ATI 650 tuner/video grabber card and once again, ATI’s “qwap software” turned what would have been a pleasant HDTV experience into a neverending nightmare. Fortunately, I was able to ditch that awful Catalyst qwap and replace it with a VERY nice “video server” program called “MediaPortal” which actually works. Alas, the ATI tuner card keeps crashing the machine because that too just ain’t quite right. And natch, ATI “support” is nowhere to be found. :frowning:

Hate to have you have to turn that ATI stuff off to solve the problem, but obviously it’s hosed and the cause of the problem is that it’s obviously trying to inject itself into BOClean which just isn’t allowed. That’s the problem. :frowning:

The little blue light after right clicking was my problem Kevin. I never did try it again. As I said it was a gaming machine for older games using 3dfx. I use a different PC for daily use. The next time I hook up my 98SE system I will try it again. Windows 98 is not supported by MS anymore thats why I went to WinXP. The problem with the other one is the motherboard and other hardware are no longer supported either. So it’s just a back up and for games. :slight_smile: