97% of our users love us! That is unmatched in the industry


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That is because Comodo makes really good free products. Good work Melih. :-TU

That’s an amazing result Melih. It shows the validity of your vision. (:KWL) :■■■■

Wow, truly a great product. I use Comodo Pro with Geekbuddy add-on and will buy the product every year. The support is truly amazing, tech support 24/7; no one else offers such support. Go Melih!

Our vision and duty is to build the best products and make them as affordable as possible…if we can make them for free…we will…if we can’t…then we will make them very affordable…

We are here to protect you guys!


Thanks for adding Viruscope and web filtering. They are great features! Keep up the good work Melih (and the rest of Comodo). :-TU

You already achieved that… But you still strive for even better… I have the greatest admiration for all Comodo staff.

Free or not with years to come… I will keep using CIS among with your other products… Right now… I can’t even imagine using non-Comodo products :slight_smile:

I am a big fan of your products. I recently switched to kaspersky from avast because avast didnt detect half the stuff that tried to run. Comodo wasnt running actively beyond the firewall, so it scanned one time, and found everything avast had missed. Malwarebytes was there to clean up in case it missed anything, and it didnt. Whenever my Kaspersky license ends I will be switching back to comodo. A feature i think would be nice, is kaspersky has something that tells you if a website is malicious or not. Maybe comodo could add that in. Like Norton Safeweb, except the comodo one would actually be good. I have used norton safeweb. It is wrong half the time. It doesnt pick up actual malicious sites usually. Kaspersky does good. And Comodo In my personal tests have had the greatest detection rates of any antivirus i’ve used. Kaspersky i havent had time to test, but if it doesnt detect what tries to get on my computer i will be switching back to comodo, as It has always blocked everything. A URL blocker would be good also, That will warn you if a website is infected. That would make it the best thing ever. Avast never alerted me to websites being malicious. It just let me go on them. I would recommend your products to anyone who needs the best protection possible. Ive actually had luck with cleaning essentials. It does better than malwarebytes on some stuff. your rescue cd helped me remove Cutwail from one of the people i help, And it removed Zbot and Cutwail. I know that was all that was on there, because i used MBAR and MBAM as well. Out of all of the malware ive removed in the time ive been cleaning viruses off computers, Cutwail has been one of the worst ones in terms of being hard to remove ive had to deal with. That and Zeroaccess. I used your rescue cd to remove Zeroaccess from my friends computer, and his sisters computer. Zeroaccess is a pain without a rescue cd. So thanks for having great products.

Make some UTM solutions for SMB, ENT customers ! :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile:

how much should it be?

Just left my two cents, thanks for everything Comodo!

Ok, done. In general i like COMODO.

Thank you guys, really appreciate your kind words!


200 usd for 200pc with 2 year subscription :wink:
Just kidding, but surely if you (comodo) decides to make one position it in class with Fortinet, slightly cheaper for SMB and for Ent market in class with PaloAlto also slightly cheaper.

We are building one and will be launched in around May :slight_smile:

I have no idea what a UTM is, nor SMB or ENT… Perhaps someone could explain this to me? Also, is it something home users would benefit from? ???

sanya iv

Like i am not in the context ; i can make a big mistake but i suppose it is about that (network security) ; even if i am right , it will not help you ; they are speaking about the best solutions without explaining why they take it … trustonline

UTM : Unified threat management - Wikipedia
SMB : Server Message Block - Wikipedia
Ent : Federal Credit Union
Mark1 : Make some UTM solutions for SMB, ENT customers

That’s great !
Looking forward to that !! :-TU

SMB - small and medium sized businesses
ENT - enterprise, meaning large companies
UTM - Unified threat management

For home users Comodo Internet Security is more then enough for protection !!

If I would show up in your office, be sure to present me to a person who don’t mind get a HUGe hug and a kiss from me.
If only I had gone with your product from the start, I would have saved one week of agony and loss of faith in myself.
Turning to you, it took me a couple of minutes to install and be up and running with my web domain, been trying for little more than a week (15 or more hours per day) with others.
HUGE thank you!!
You will have a customer for life if you keep up the excellent work.

Best regards, Mik