8BallClub game executable - False positive

8BallClub game executable is detected as a virus.

Product site: http://www.8ballclub.com/
Name of detection: Heur.Suspicious@19876578
CIS database number: 2732


We are going to check it out and will get back to you shortly.

Hi superbabouche,

Reported FP has been fixed in DB 2736. Kindly Update and confirm it.


It is ok about the virus definition with the update. But I have an question: why I can’t to get back my file icon about the executable? There is no more false positive but when I want to relink my shortcut on my windows desktop at the executable application, the file icon is like in the attached file. It supposes that the *.exe is not existing but I get back him in his appropriate folder.

I got the same problem with all my false positive detected that you checked tonight. Is it possible that quarantine deletes the icons file? I checked inside and nothing about icons.

[attachment deleted by admin]