88.9MB Virus Update????

I just downloaded the newest version of CIS at 57 MB.
Then I had to update.
So I get this HUGE virus update file, BASE_END_USER_v5584.caqv at a whopping 88.9MB!
And it keeps disconnecting?
What gives?
Thank you.

That is for all the base signatures (i think) but it is the only update that size the rest are much smaller

It would appear here with CIS 4.1 on 3 computers that none of my updates are incremental - bases.cav is downloaded several times every day and slows the hard disks down whilst doing so.

There Should be Resume Feature for updates, because that huge 88mb update takes ages to download on slower connection, i request comodo team to introduce resume feature for updates, As its also given by other antivirus like “NOD”, “Kaspersky”, etc.
That be of greatest advantage to people who are using dial up connection or any other slow connection.


After your initial install of Comodo the software will download all of the definitions that were released, that is what the 89 MB file is.

After you get those definitions you will receive the small incremental updates that takes only a few seconds to download and install.



As it has been said before, if you have a slow connection like Dial Access, it always times out. Do you have an FTP site or even a way to go to a URL to download it directly so I can get my laptop to a Secure Wi-Fi location and I can download the file? Then when I get home I can then use my USB drive to copy it over to my desktop that has access through Dial Access only?

That is how I was able to download CIS Premium in the first place.

Maybe comodo can use an insane compresser like kgb archiver http://kgbarchiver.net/ (It should be able to compress 89mb to 10mb’s <—It’s much more managable. The only thing is, it would take an hour or so to UNCOMPRESS IT and it will TAX the hardware(Not usuable for really old computers)

That way people with dial-up can download the Comodo’s AV base. From that point on, it’s just incremental

Just an idea

Could a mod put this in the suggestion box as it’s a possible solution :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

See this post about getting the full AV database.

The link in the post supports resuming, with a download manager.

Or you can see this page, for more info and a different link, that also delivers latest full db.

Can be used with a download manager, which will facilitate the resuming from dropped connections etc.
If I were still on Dial up, and having problems getting the full AV database. I would go this route.

Here is one of many free download managers that will work, for the link on either page.


I just did some testing on compressing the bases file.

uncompressed file = 91.0MB

7zip file = 61.1MB

XZ file = 61.1 MB

RAR file = 63.5 MB

GZ file = 69.3 MB

ZIP file = 69.3 MB

BZ2 file = 70.0 MB

the above files were compressed in a few minutes, with no measurable impact on the system.

KGB maximum = 22.2 MB but it took about 25 minutes on my computer.