801 issues 775 FAILED to clean????

I have 801 privacy issues to clean but CSC only cleans 26…it says 775 failed. “This process cannot access the file…” & “the system cannot find the file specified…” are the “status” given. This has been going on for a while but since it hasn’t cleared up…what’s going on? >:( I’m running XP SP3.

Seriously…nobody has an answer for this? ???

I am certainly no expert on CSC, but I have noticed that a few things are not deleted (probably because they are in use). But it is unlikely that all those 775 items are in use. I fiddled with the CIS sandbox to see if it could cause this problem, and it did not.

Did you try to run “diagnostics” (under help menu) to see if it finds a problem?

Are all the items that are not deleted arising from the same program? from the same folder?

Which CSC version are you using?

Do you get the same privacy issues listed when using Comodo Cloud scanner?

Okay, I just updated it, I didn’t realize it wasn’t an auto-update thing. I don’t know if this will solve the problem or not.

I’m not sure if they originated from the same folder as I cleaned the issues with another program.

In my experience CCS & CSC often disagree and CSC doesn’t always fix all of the registry issues CCS finds. Nobody has been able to tell me why as Melih said he thought they shared the same scanning engine. ???


Please provide us all the privacy cleaning logs in order to better analyze the problem. Also, please tell us if you are using the latest version of Comodo System Cleaner 2.2.335611.5.

Thank you!

I have since updated to current version. How do I access the logs?

Select Privacy cleaner, then click on the settings tab, then click the “show log” button (see pic). The log can be saved as a .txt document and then attached to your post.

Note: If you had “store logs for privacy cleaner” unselected, then CSC did not save a log.

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Found it, thanks. I didn’t see what I was looking for right off, I’ll check closer later.