800 MB downloaded by cmdagent.exe

I noticed that cmdagent.exe was downloading lots of bytes continuously, endangering my usage limit.

I went to More - Preferences - General and unchecked “Automatically check for program updates” (and at the same time switched on “Show balloon messages”). Now Balloons are continually showing me: “Updating virus database” shortly followed by “Failed to update”. Also manual “Update Virus Database” now fails in the same way.

How do I correct this behaviour?


What version of CIS are you using? Is this a clean installation or an update installation?

Try the procedure described in Where can i download the latest full AV database? to download the latest full av database. Notice you can download it from a different connection.

Does that help to solve the problem?

Hi, Eric,
I’ve had ComodoIS on my machine for some time now, so I think it’s been updated, rather than re-installed.

The version details are…
CIS Premium - Product Version: 5.3.176757.1236

Can you see what happens when you update the AV?How much does it download? Only a couple of MB or >80MB? When you get the big download does this happen each time you try to update the AV?

It’s downloaded 80+MB updates at least twice more since I wrote. And at some stage, possibly after re-booting PC (up to 3 times, roughly), the virus database seems to have been successfully, fully, updated. (A recent date and time is shown for the database update).

Since then it has done several small (incremental?) updates successfully. So I’d venture to say that the problem has gone away, but I’m still nervous of blowing my usage limit. How often during the day should it attempt virus updates after it has done one successfully? - I’m seeing at least 3 or 4 attempts in a morning.

here is my suggestion.

1) download CIS 5.3 32bits/64bits and CIS clean up tool

2) Uninstall CIS and use CIS clean up tools in safe mode as admin.

3) Install CIS as admin.

Valentin N

Getting the big download twice in two days that’s not how it is supposed to work unless there is something not going right; a corrupted download or for other reasons. Are you witnessing corrupted or problems with downloads with other programs as well?

Please keep an eye on the updating process. May be disable the automatic update and check manually for monitoring purposes.

If you are considering a clean installation make sure to back up the bases.cav. When the installer is done don’t reboot and copy the bases.cav to the scanners folder and reboot. That will save you from downloading your AV definitions again.

Thanks a lot for the advice, guys. I think that by getting 1 full virus update completed successfully has put things to right. I’ve not had to re-install anything and it’s now doing small, incremental, updates as one would expect.
cheers and thanks again, Ieuan