80.com intrusions

There is a web site called ***** that has surreptitiously placed a file on my machine that I cannot locate and delete. Comodo does not detect it as a threat, yet it sends tracking information from my computer to **** servers. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?



Use on-demand scanners like MBAM, SUPERAntiSpyware and Hitman Pro to remove the infection.

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I have made some research and all I can see that’s a clean site and follow Deadman’s advice.

Valentin N

That site redirects to this one, which is potentially dangerous.

but that’s different from 80.com. (if you ask me)

I have manage to get the Ip address which is so add it block it by CIS → firewall → Network Policy → Blocked Zones → IPv4 Single Address → IP:

Valentin N

Thanks to all for your inputs. The site has several URLs that I have already checked out on WHOIS.com, so I tried a different tack and it worked. I just blocked certain internet functions in Comodo without sacrificing my browsers and email functions. It worked.

However your problem is solved now, As i know its spyware and if your antivirus can’t detect and delete it, you can use anti spyware programs like SUPER AntiSpyware, spyware doctor, spy emergency or … to fix such problem now and later.