8 days, I found where the problem was between (2) CFP X32 & BOClean 4.25

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I thought that the problem of CFP 3.01.17 (now 18) and CFP 2.4 both are X32’s with Comodo’s BOClean 4.25. When I used both wth BOClean 4.25, four icons would disappear from my toolbar, 80% or higher, there was no BOClean icon eitther. I have 10 icons right now, on the toolbar, with BOClean missing. :-TD :-TD

Seems like the Firewalls have a problem with BOClean 4.25 The worst part was seeing, volume icon, winzip quick pick, my dialup and it’s accelerator and Random Event Sounds icons ALL disappear. The last one I had reinstalled 12 times already, the Control panel where the volume icon is, I had to uncheck and recheck that 10 times, winzip quickpick icon I’d open up my WinZip 11.1 Pro and go to close one part, then go to Options, Configuration and select the System Tab uncheck quick pick and recheck it to get the icon back TEN TIMES. For four days, I had enough of this that I went back to my WINXP’s SP2 Firewall. I would see AVG free Antvirus disappear on a random basiis. I mentioned all of this a week ago and to get AVG Antivirus back, clicked that open and it would reappear on the toolbar. To lock all these on the toolbar, I used drastic things like remove ALL System Restore Points, then check it again to have System Restore points, RAN AD-AWARE 2007 and when 1/2 done stopped it and SET A SYSTEM RESTORE POINT. If this continues, ALL COMODO FIREWALL PRO’s will be HISTORY for I will use WINXP’s Firewall and BOClean 4.25 ONLY I saw version 3.04 listed and wonder where is versions 3.02 and 3.03??

If this keeps up, there will be only one COMODO Product and it won’t be CFP X32’s 3.01.18 nor CFP X32 version 4.2 either.
PS - There was a remark about http://www.yahoo.com and the Fiewalll. Read what I have stated aout yahoo, after 10 yrs in 2 accounts they are both emptied.
I was accused of spamming by yahoo and I found 22 spam in those 2 accounts in one day.
Any have Yahoo? I strongely advise you read the link submitted by a CNET Moderator. Darrell

I believe there are a number of work arounds with regards to your issues . CPF in whatever version has always struggled to co-exist with AVG Free. The usual work around for this is to ensure that AVG is set as “Trusted” in both Firewall and Defense+. Another Work around is to set BOClean Exceptions. Adding the comodo process files to the exceptions list for both CPF and AVG should recitfy your problem.

I think you’re better off using any other firewall than Windows XP Firewall. It’s amazing how much spyware I get in my system when I only use Windows Default Firewall. , It’s pretty much useless! IMO


I also had this problem with the disappearing task bar icons as well and posted on it here but it cleared up with me with the update to version I also thought it had something to do with BoClean and so uninstalled it at the time and so far haven’t reinstalled BoClean as my system now works fine with just CFP and Avira Antivir and SpywareBlaster as real time protection. I also use SuperAntiSpyware and AVG Antispyware and run them manually about twice a week on a rota basis. Latest scan was today with AVG which found nothing not even a tracking cookie. I use Firefox as my browser with AdBlock Plus and NoScripts as add-ons. I have thought about reinstalling BoClean but even before v3 I had problems with it so haven’t bothered so far.

I think this must be an operating system issue, not a 3rd party software’s problem. Just an example for you to test this:

  1. check what icons you got
  2. run taskmgr from Run…
  3. kill explorer.exe
  4. run explorer.exe
  5. check out the icons

Please, check this link out (Disable Universal Plug and Play).