Firewall: Block + "Remember my Answer" will block ENTIRE application

HIPS is not selected.
Firewall rule for Outlook as ‘Email Client’ is in place.
Firewall prompt ‘Outlook is trying to connect to the Internet’ TCP/https pops up.
If I choose ‘block’ AND choose ‘remember my answer’, all in-place rules for Outlook get superceded by a ‘block all ip in/out from any mac to any mac at any port’, and Outlook no longer can reach email ip’s and ports.
The just-created rule does NOT only block Outlook’s connection request to that IP, but blocks all of Outlook
See attachments.

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The rule created is dictated by the Alert Frequency option found in the Advanced Firewall Settings, setting it to a higher setting means answering the alerts will create a more granular rule, personally I have it at the highest possible, I believe it’s Very High or something like that.

Wow - that solved my woes of many weeks - thank you so much! Finally the firewall works as it should! Amazing imho that this so significant setting is buried so insignificantly in the settings.

While we’re at it, is there a shortcut or quick way to get straight to the Application Rules in the Advanced Firewall Settings? See attached screenshot of where I am referring to.

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Not that I know of, you can get to the firewall rules by right-clicking the tray icon/widget and then going Firewall > settings/configure (something like that, currently on a train so can’t look it up)

Currently, I have 491 rules divided between 296 application policies,
so such a shortcut is something that I also would have liked!
IIRC, in v5.12, there was not so many clicks, but with the new UI that version 6.0 - 8.0 has,
the default way from the “Home” screen is a 4-click one:

Tasks → Firewall Tasks → Open Advanced Settings → Application Rules.

But, you can right-click the “Open Advanced Settings” button under “Firewall Tasks” and choose “Add to Task Bar”…
…then it becomes a 2-click road; “Firewall Settings” button → Application Rules.

However, both these roads assumes that you have already opened the CIS “Home” screen window,
if it is not opened, you have to prepend 2 extra clicks to the previous sequences.

Therefore, the currently fastest possible way is the one Sanya mentioned;
a 3-click one (1 right, then 2 left), where you do not have to have the CIS “Home” screen window opened…
…right-click the CisTray icon in the system tray, then click at Firewall → Settings, then click at Application Rules.

This way is only possible if you have turned on the “Advanced View” for the CisTray, though;
if not then you will only see “Enabled” and “Disabled” as the sub-menues for Firewall.

Thanks much guys, I had been using the …right-click cis tray, firewall, settings, application rules … way but confess it still strikes me as too many movements. Thought maybe someone had figured out a keystroke combo or a directly created path through autohotkey, or winkey, meaning where an app/icon gets created that would take you straight to the rules. The rules is what the firewall is all about after all :wink:

Hey, while you guys are here, I have another stupid white man question, I don’t know if I am just dense (in which case please just send me back to the manual), but the process of installing and running application fully sandboxed/virtualized seems strange or cumbersome to me. Is there a relatively easy way to do this? My basic intent is application testing (installation and removal) without cluttering the drive or the regsistry, startup services & scheduled tasts, etc.