7z Compression can Recuce Signature File Size to 66% of the Original Size

i agree with you

Isn’t the next version going to have family signatures, so size wont be as much a problem.

ALso a dial-up user here, and also on a pc with very low RAM, and indeed the db update after installing fresh 508 installer was some 30Mb, but anyway that has been mentioned on some topics before…

On the updating process also this: even if the update size is only a very small nice size like 300kb, the memory consumption of incorporating this download in the already present db file, even merely measured by the fact that your pc is incapable of doing anything else but the updating, is also a heavy issue in my situation…

(by the way another free antivirus provider suffers the same problem. Nice running resident operation, but every update, no matter how small, blocks your pc for some minutes)

I guess this is shown also when simply running the installer file for CIS. It froze my pc for some 10-15 minutes, before the language choice menu came up.

Sure hope something can be changed in this in near future, as this is not feasible for me.

In any case the minimum requirements on the website better be brought from 64Mb RAM to 256Mb or 512Mb, in order to avoid surprises for users on old machines,


It’s not just 7z, any compression method would give a similar result. I mean, I’d be happy with a 15mb file down from 180mb