745 Errors and Problems

Have been using Comodo Firewall and am pleased with it. Found Comodo Registry Cleaner and gave it a try.

  1. XP Home SP2
  2. Comodo firewall
  3. AVG8
  4. Avast 4.8
    When I did the scan I backup up registry and set restore point. When I cleaned the found items (500+ safe and 750+ TOTAL) my MS Defrag was missing and the MS helpcntr.exe was gone. At this point I did a past restore and got everything back. What did I do wrong?

I guess you didn’t do anything wrong. I’d say it’s the opposite, lucky that you created a system restore point. Seems like CRC removed entries that were crticital for the functions you mentioned. It’s probably not easy (750+ entries 88)) to find those entries and uncheck them (so CRC doesn’t remove them) if you scan once more. :-TD

By the way, did you remove unsafe entries as well? Or just the “safe” ones?

Thanks for the response. I may have removed unsafe entries. I’ll try again and look at it more.

Excellent, please check back if you can confirm that your troubles were caused by removing unsafe entries or only safe entries.


Well I now believe I did optimize after the initial safe scan (not 100% sure). This time I did only the safe removal and it removed my defrag but not the MS helpcntr. Restore brought defrag back, but an unidentified Invalid I.D. warning came up. Hope everything else is o.k.

OK, thanks for checking.

Hello again,
Any ideas on what to do in this current situation? Also off topic where should I put a question as to whether Comodo Firewall Pro’s anti-virus has the anti-rootkit that I believe I read was in it’s Antivirus. Also I use Firefox and the update to Firewall says it uses an IE Connection. Should I be using IE when I update? Thanks for any help.

Sorry, I have no further suggestions for those troubles.

As for the rootkit-question, if it concerns Comodo Firewall Pro strictly, feel free to post in the Help for v3 section.

Yes, the CFP updater uses IE, but you don’t need anything running whilst updating CFP. Better close all applications when updating. The fact that you’re using Firefox doesn’t affect your updates in any way.

Thanks for you time and responses. Take care