720p (1080i) or 1080p [resolved]

I’m sure your LCD is astonishing, but not the broadcasts. :slight_smile: SDTV

If you have the option, Ganda, use the ‘Wide Zoom’. This will correct for most of the screen.
On the other hand, if you prefer the std. 4:3 format, use it instead.

so this SDTV better watched using CRT TV than astonishing LCD? and what about the PS2 game? 88)

i have these options :

  1. normal
  2. panorama
  3. zoom 14:9
  4. full
  5. cinema 16:9
  6. cinema 14:9

none of them seems right 88) maybe it’s just my eyes?

Zoom 14:9 sounds like it should do.
You will lose a bit at the top and bottom, but that loss should be negligible.

It’s probably interlaced… Radio doesn’t sound astonishing with astonishing headphones
Buy some Blu Ray Discs instead of watching TV. :slight_smile:

and what about the PS2 game? 88)
“[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_2#Technical_specifications]Video output resolution: variable from 256x224 to 1280x1024 pixels[/url]” I know nothing about PS, but I guess you can change some resolution settings. :-La

hmm, i don’t know if there’s resolution setting on PS2. i’ll see when i back home. anybody know about this? 88)

ow great. now i have to spend more money to buy those component cable >:( curse you astonishing tv lady >:(


No digital connections on PS2? HDMI?

not that i know of 88) is there HDMI port on PS2? ???

nope 88)

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solved the problem! :-TU
need to spend extra $25 for component cable :-TD
but it’s definitely worth it :-TU
now all that’s left to do is to find a multifunction table to place all of them so i can get some more space in my room :stuck_out_tongue:

busy busy ;D

locked, over & out O0