720p (1080i) or 1080p [resolved]

well, i’ve bought a PS3 :-TU
now i need help deciding which LCD TV should i buy,
the problem is, while PS3 offers 1080p HD resolution:

i only have a short distance TV-chair range & i prefer small size TV
the smallest LCD TV (19") only gives max 720p resolution.

googled for it, and i’m even more confused now. 88)

for 1080p
(i should definitely go with 1080p)

1080p needs size+distance which i don’t have
the difference is unoticeable from short distance.

life’s so hard ;D
need your help ASAP guys. i only have this old non-stereo 14" ice age TV in my room right now. the only things shown on the screen when i play PS3 is full high definition of BLUE :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you considered a 24" WSHD? With that size and the distance you will be from the screen, go with a 720p.

what the hell is WSHD >:(

Wide Screen High Definition

who vote for 1080p without posting their reason here? >:(

I did. :wink: 1080p is simply better than 720p. 8)

I voted 1080 but suggested you get a 720 (but I changed my vote to reflect my suggestion).

Hi Lieutenant,

PS3 ha!? Playing computer games? And I thought that you are serious person. What a mistake! :-TD :smiley:

Anyway, I would suggest you look at ChiMei range of products. http://www.chimei.com.tw/en/

First, the quality is extremely good/ excellent / etc. at the same time the price was always considerably lower.

I did have their 19” LCD and now I have CMV 222H model. I will not hesitate to buy the next generation when it is time to move further.

I think they were one of the first with QFHD, sorry! since you asked

QFHD = Quad Full High Definition :wink: Quad HDTV with 3840x2160 resolution

So have a look and good luck with this research & gaming.

P.S. my conclusion about you being serious, which is broken now, was made because of your avatars. Is there some place where all collection published?.. because I am tiered to copy images one by one

Samsung have produced a 22" 1080p panel and several manufacturers have started using it - TEAC for one.

what!!! when!!! >:(
i’ve just asked a TV store about the smallest 1080p available, she offered me samsung 32A550 (32"). how dare she! >:(

duh? 88) having 2 gf is better than having only 1 88) … hehehehe

what do you mean by better?how is it better? 88)

chiwei? can’t find them in local tv store. i’d better stick with common brand.
my PS3 can’t wait any longer 88)

what!?! you copied my avatar!?! >:( this is blasphemy! >:(
nah, i copy-paste the avatar from other places too ;D

i’m gonna buy this one! :slight_smile:
sharp 19A33

sorry guys, can’t wait too long, the TV lady is astonishing ehm, i mean waiting

1080 and 720 refer to the scan lines displayed on your screen. The ‘p’ refers to progressive scan (one complete frame at a time) vs ‘i’ which is interlaced scanning - the type commonly found on your TV signal (1 field at a time, 2 fields per frame - odd# line scan, then retrace to top and do an even# line scan).

i thought “P” = pixels 88)
and “I” = i don’t know jack! ;D

since i’ve ordered the 720p already. i need some convincing reply that my choice is right ;D

You desire a small screen HD LCD television monitor for your game. 720 will suffice for your requirements, and it is still HD.

Good choice! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Smaller one means more room for games!

Only CRT can be interlaced, not LCD. If the signal is interlaced, it has to be deinterlaced…
Interlace is :-TD Interlace - Wikipedia

More detalis, sharper picture… :wink:

bought the TV! yay! :slight_smile:

still, the link i posted before said that you need distance + screensize to notice the difference between 720p & 1080p. 88)
my only choices of screensize were 19" 720p OR 32" 1080p. not big enough 88)
and the distance between the TV & my chair = 4.3 feet (1.5meters) 88)

ow, have question,i was testing the LCD TV to play PS2 & watch TV. why i feel the graphic is better when i use old CRT TV? 88)
but it’s perfect for playing PS3.

playing heavenly sword now.
i love tough heroine

You need a big screen and short distance. :wink: If you increase the distance, finally you won’t see any details… 88) And short distance is what you have… 1080p is meaningful up to 17 feet if you have a 120 inch screen.

ow c’mon. you’re not helping >:( i just bought the tv from the astonishing tv lady! >:(
kidding ;D
so i read it wrong?it’s short distance, not long? ouch,magic of astonishing tv lady >_<
but i got discount,teehee ;D

so what about this? is it just my feeling?

Sorry… :slight_smile: Logic… :wink:

Guess it shows how bad the TV quality is (if it isn’t HDTV). Your LCD has higher resolution and is sharper than an old CRT.

but this is an astonishing LCD tv from astonishing tv lady! >:( (where did i get this word “astonishing” btw ;D love it!)

when i use this tv for PS3 gaming, it’s fine. but when i watch TV and play PS2 game on it. it’s kinda errr what’s the word… “not focus”? like an overzoomed pic ??? i tried every button on my remote,change the contrast, everything. but it still feels not right 88)
maybe i need new glasses (:NRD)