7:1? Congrats... Soccer might be great, but...

please be aware of other things that happen at this very moment in other corners of our planet.

Don’t call me a “traitor” now, all you “soccer afficionados” out there. You are certainly allowed to do so, but you’d be acting false, methinks.

I sincerely DO wish that Germany becomes “Weltmeister” (at least we’d somehow deserve it at the current state…), but as I’m writing this down, I also do recognize how cheap that thought is.

It is of no real importance. WM also serves to make people blind towards eachother, and towards way more crucial things that directly affect their (at least in part, ours, that is) lives.
So I won’t be silent, even if that might not be “wanted” or “appreciated”.

Some “institutions” HAVE indeed crossed the “border line” already.

I’ve been in the States and in Canada more than once in my life, but I will never go there again (sad to have to say so, more than sad, to be exact).

Take care, American (and even Canadian) people.
There’s something going on trying to divide nowadays people / further split society.
(No, I’m not a preacher of an acknowledged faith / weird sect or anything).
I am “free” (that is, by personal decision), and my beliefs are totally personal and rather uncommon / unpopular, I suppose. Still, I do believe in god.

I won’t ever try to advertise my personal beliefs, though. Not here, not elsewhere. Rest assured.

Whilst WC games are being won and / or lost , some other, rather crucial things regarding everyone are being fulfilled, as always… Nothing new on planet earth.

Kind regards, REBOL.

I just want you to (independantly) think. Nothing less, nothing more.