64-bit Dragon

What about x64 support?

Native x86_64 support is not here yet as there isn’t much demand for it. However, Dragon does run in these environments. I have it running on Vista and Windows 7 64-bit editions.

And the fact Adobe Flash Player x64 is not out yet… I think in 2 years though we will start seeing more and more x64 browsers being developed and used. :slight_smile: Technology changes all the time. O0

Who cares about Flash? It’s a poor and proprietary format. From a security standpoint it is a NIGHTMARE. I would be glad if Flash with 64-bit never saw the light of day.

Firefox 4 will be native 64-bit and that is due out this calendar year.

Is it running with full functionality?

In my somewhat limited use of a browser (I am not a power browser user by any means), it seems to be great. I do not notice any missing functionality.

HTML 5 will get rid of java, flash, silver light and all that. It will be open source and totally secure. Can’t wait for the to finally show up. HTML5 - Wikipedia check out this html5 demo Loading...

Thanks for your answer! :-TU

Not open source if AVC (H.264) and AAC are used… :-TD But if WebM (VP8 + Vorbis) is used, it’s open source. :-TU Currently, Safari 5 doesn’t even support Vorbis, and IE8 doesn’t support

I think you have a slight misconception on what HTML5 brings to the table. Are you Steve Jobs in disguise or do you own a Mac? :stuck_out_tongue: