5GB free accounts, for good?

Is this free 5GB service from COS free for good, forever and ever, and as long Armageddon is not here? :a0

Yes they are, but you must renew your free license every year.
Otherwise, your account will be deactivated.


Oh great! Another bow to COMODO and another big THANK YOU! :azn:

Maybe do a such a promotion action and every new account which is created via referral’s url gives extra MBs to referrals.
People would send links everywhere to get more space.

[i]Referral: Hi, please create an account at Comodo - Powered by Kayako Help Desk Software you will have free, secure backup from comodo - 5 GB and i will get extra 250MB space :slight_smile:

Referral’s friend: Wow, thanks, i will share it with my other friends to get free space too.[/i]

Sample dialogue.